Preparing Your Mind And Body For Your First Marathon

Things you should remember if you’ve signed up for a marathon

Preparing Your Mind and Body for your first marathon

Did you sign yourself up for a marathon on impulse? You wouldn’t believe it, but that’s how most people sign up for their first marathons anyway. But now that you have, it’s better you start preparing physically and mentally for it. There are two reasons for that. One, you don’t want to hurt yourself in the process. If you are running without necessary measures, you might end up injuring yourself badly. Two, you don’t really want to make a complete fool out of yourself, do you? Of course, you can’t match up to the tenacity of veteran marathon runners. Remember the time Milind Soman completed the 517.5 Km Florida Ultraman marathon in three days? That could be you, but only with the right preparation.

Preparing for marathon warrants both mental and physical preparations. Here are a few

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Get a Solid Training Plan&lt

If you have an advisor or mentor to guide the way through the training, perfect! He or she could help you come up with a regime that is suited to your capability and would also help you through this strenuous process. If you cant have a trainer, do read about expert’s advice online on practice techniques, rest needed, warming up, etc.,

Be Ready to curb Hunger

If you are training for the marathon, you must understand certain things are going to change. For instance, you are going to be feeling hungry most of the time. But then again, you can’t gorge on anything you want. A few weeks before the race, you will have to make sure your fuel stores are full. That
means you need to increase your carb intake. Similarly, foods rich in proteins are a must since that can help with muscle recovery. Things like chocolate
milk or anything that is rich in glycogen would be recommended.

Work on Your Focus

As part of the mental preparation, you should set goals for yourself. Since this is your first time, start out small. Set tiny goals for yourself and acknowledge them when you succeed. Don’t worry, you’ve got a lot of time on your hands. As your mileage builds up and you gain in speed, your goals will start getting bigger. Eventually, you should be able to reach the target – the marathon itself.

Be Confident

More than speed and tenacity, a marathon is largely about how much confidence you have in yourself. Do you have faith in yourself? Do you have what it takes to complete the marathon? Of course you do. You just have to keep telling yourself that. If you have a mentor, he or she would be working on building your confidence as well during the elaborate training process.

Observe the Course

Another important part of mentally preparing yourself is studying the marathon course before the event. You can use maps to do so but we suggest that you pay a visit to the course in person. This can help in two ways. One, you would have no surprises waiting for you on the Big Day. Second, it’ll give you an adrenaline rush that is sure to work in your favor. Keep yourself boosted and stick to the training plan. That should do the trick.
Running a marathon is a big deal, especially if it’s your first time. Don’t worry. You aren’t answerable to anyone but yourself. This is something you are doing for yourself. And with the right training plan and confidence boost, you’re bound to do well.

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