Prebiotic Or Probiotic – Which One Should You Eat More?

Prebiotics and probiotics are needed in equal quantities for your gut health

Prebiotic Or Probiotic - Which One Should You Eat More?
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We must have heard about probiotics but prebiotics is definitely new to us. Did you know both are extremely important for your gut health? Prebiotics gives nutrition to probiotics. Let’s learn about their differences before we understand the exact proportion of each of them.

Prebiotics Vs Probiotics – How Do They Differ?

Prebiotic is the fertilizer to probiotics.
Prebiotic is the fertilizer to probiotics.

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Prebiotics is a nondigestible fiber type that you can spot in plants. It has the potential to add extra nourishment to the good bacteria which is probiotics. In other words, prebiotics is a fertilizer for your body. The common prebiotic sources that you can consume include onions, garlic, legumes, asparagus, bananas and leafy greens.

Probiotic is a good bacterium that automatically develops in your body and promotes the immune system and digestion. If you are still curious to know the exact foods that supplement probiotics to your body, it includes all those sour and fermented products like tempeh, miso, pickled vegetables and yogurt.

Prebiotic does not contain bacteria while it is the opposite for probiotic as the latter survives on billions of microorganisms. They differ in terms of the functionality inside the body.

Power Your Gut With Equal Levels Of Prebiotics And Probiotics

Your body needs equal quantities of probiotics and prebiotics to boost the digestive system.
Your body needs equal quantities of probiotics and prebiotics to boost the digestive system.

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Your immune system is working well today because of the friendly bacteria. Sometimes, it happens that your body develops a yeast infection or bone problem which is because bad bacteria outweigh the good content and this condition is called dysbiosis.

Looking at the prebiotic sources, you must have understood that your body gains nutrition automatically as those sources are used by Indians regularly in their diets. So, you do not have to take an extra attempt to maximize the prebiotic consumption. On the other hand, focus on probiotics and include them to your diet regularly.

If you ask us the quantities, we would encourage having equal proportions and this combination is termed symbiotic. For example, pickled asparagus, miso with Jerusalem artichokes can be excellent combinations to boost your digestive system.

When you spot a problem in your gastrointestinal tract, remember that your good bacterium is limited and you need more prebiotics to boost the probiotic content.

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