Men Are More Conscious Of Their Diet Than Women

The desire for a perfect body and a beautiful image is not only restricted to girls, but guys too

Not Only Girls, Even Guys Are More Conscious Of Their Diet...
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By Ms. Sheela Seharawat

It won’t be wrong to say that men are more conscious of what they eat, wear, how they look, smell and more. Statistics say that four out of five men feel highly anxious about their body image and all by referring to perceived flaws and imperfections, as compared to girls. It is also a fact that guys are so conscious about their image and diet that they are even ready to compromise on years of their life in exchange of a perfect figure as compared to girls.

Men Are More Mindful About Their Diet Than Girls

Men in particular are more conscious about what they eat than girls
Men in particular are more conscious about what they eat than girls

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As per studies men, in particular are now more conscious and mindful of what they eat and how they maintain their physique. They are more concerned about their calorie intake as compared to their girl counterpart.

  • Boys are more enthusiastic as far as calorie tracking is concerned.
  • The restaurants they visit are the ones that display their calorie quotient in every dish.
  • Women are low calorie fans, whereas, guys count their calories.

Eating more at home, exercise, adoption of healthy eating and diet and healthier meals have emerged as a few top activities undertaken by young men of the present times. They have started focusing on a healthy lifestyle. Surprisingly, it has also been seen that men seemed to be more conscious of their health and take all possible measures in a bid to stay healthy as compared to females.

Eating And Dieting Difference Among Women And Men

Women and men have gender specific nutritional needs
Women and men have gender specific nutritional needs

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In the field of nutrition, it is very important to understand that there are some gender specific nutritional needs. And many of them starts at an age when we are either a child or teenager. It is also a fact that females have better knowledge of food and nutrition than males. Females seek more of nutritional counseling than males do and they at the same time opt for more healthier options to eat like fruits, vegetables and whole grains as compared to mails who choose more of red meats, eggs, sausages and high sucrose foods.

But, seeing the current trend this entire concept is changing. Males have understood the need to stay healthy and they have become more concerned about what they eat and how they adapt to their lifestyle.

Another fact that needs to be seen is that females adopt healthy diets for the reason of staying healthy overall, whereas, males exercise for weight concerns and diet for specific health concerns. Although males tend to be more physically active than women, nevertheless, a majority of young men have been found to be insufficiently active for health.

The Body Image

Body image involves factors like thoughts, perception, imagination and emotions
Body image involves factors like thoughts, perception, imagination and emotions

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Body image is simply how we think and feel about our body. It involves a lot of factors like our thoughts, perception, our imaginations and even our emotions. Though traditionally it was thought that body image is a women’s issue, but these days men have also fallen prey to it. It has very little to do with our actual appearance and all to do with what we think and what we presume.

Poor body image can majorly be linked to factors like dieting, exercise or even eating disorders. Mental health issues have also been linked at several occasions to it like low self-esteem or even depression and anxiety.

It is a serious condition and can often result from comparing our body with others and what the media and world tell us – lean and muscular figures with six pack abs. It has been seen as a major cause of concern in men and in particular the younger generation, who always feel dissatisfied with their body and focus more on weight loss and muscle building.

How Do We Improve Our Body Image?

Younger generation have understood that negative body image is detrimental
Younger generation have understood that negative body image is detrimental

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Negative body image develops over a period of time and changing it could take a lot of time and effort. It is why the younger generation have understood its importance and especially guys. It is why they have become more health conscious than before and adopting to healthier lifestyle more like dieting. The focus is more on health and vitality, and not on weight, size and shape.

Make a pact with yourself to treat your body with respect, which includes eating well and not embarking on punishing exercise routines, fad diets or taking drugs.

Try to shift to a healthier lifestyle, focus on how your body functions and consider all your body helps you do in life, rather than just focusing on how your body looks and how people see it.

It’s important to develop reasons for exercising that are not focused on your body’s appearance (such as stress release, vitality or improved concentration), rather than concentrating only on changing your body shape.

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Ms. Sheela Seharawat
Started her career in the Indian Army hospital. She is the founding member of Diet Clinic, a motivational speaker and an expert dietician practicing since 2006 as a registered dietician under IDA