Meet Healer Aarti Asrani Who Has Also Authored A Book

As a child Aarti was timid and an introvert, read how she overcame that

See How Aarti Asrani Uses Your Own Thought Process To Heal You

Aarti Asrani is a trainer, therapist and Access Consciousness Facilitator who has now also come out with her book titled Reborn.

She tells HotFidayTalks about what made her open up to the many benefits of this healing technique and the positive changes it brought in her life, and also how it led to her writing a book.


As a child, did you easily connect with people or were you shy and introvert?

As a child I was timid and a complete introvert.

What made you aware of the powers of working with our consciousness?

Even as a child, I believed that there are possibilities available for us to explore. However, I did not know how to channel this information at that point in time. I was introduced to Buddhism as a way of life in my teens, through which I awakened to the dormant energies lying within. The process of transformation, consciousness, and awareness began back then.

When was the first time you heard something on the lines of someone being a consciousness facilitator?

It was about 7 years ago.

Did you undertake any specific studies or courses for the line of work or healing you are in today?

Apart from my own interest in the subject and self-learning for over 2 decades, I have 18 International Certifications with Access Consciousness. I am an Internationally Certified NLP Coach, have done my Gestalt Therapy Certification and studied 6 other healing modalities.

What is it exactly that you do as part of being an access consciousness facilitator and a therapist?

As an Access Consciousness Facilitator, my aim is to step-by-step unfold the layers of unconsciousness that an individual is submerged under, and with his/her willingness, facilitate them to emerge and start creating a life that they truly desire; one where they are present, aware, joyful and creative. Most of the problems one has, whether physical or mental, are created because of a lack of consciousness. I work on facilitating individuals to be aware of their own truth.

When you started out, were people in India aware of or open to the idea? How did you make them more comfortable in what you do?

In India, Access Consciousness is fairly new, and as far as people are concerned, I believed I would be able to attract whoever was open to it. Your point of view creates your reality and I had no point of view about people being open or not, I knew it worked. What people like is results; I tried and tested the modality on myself and my family before I started speaking about it and there is nothing more powerful than the purity of your heart and your own conviction in the change possible.

How do people know about your work? If someone wants to get into this field, what is the scope and how can they make others aware about it?

People can always look me up on my website, I have all my workshops lined up there. The scope for this is limitless as it really depends on how every individual would like to take it forward in their life and magnify it. However, I can say with absolute certainty that whether you would like to take this up as a profession or not, attending the workshop itself is life changing.

Are people and youngsters coming forward to try out your healing methods now?

Yes, I have worked with plenty of budding actors, writers, professionals from various fields and facilitated them to the change they were looking to have – monetary, health, career, relationships among others.

Who can benefit from the healing methodologies that you follow?

Anyone and everyone can benefit from these techniques
Anyone and everyone can benefit from these techniques

Consciousness includes everything and excludes nothing. People with health issues, emotionally disturbed, immunity problems, monetary struggle, stress-related problems, depression, divorce trauma, infants to boost immunity, couples trying to conceive – I have worked with all of them and each one has benefited.

You’ve also written a book – what is it about and what led to it?

The book is called REBORN- Universal Secret Of Your Energy Revealed. I believe it is a success as it gives you a complete insight into how you are creating blockages in your own path and just by changing your vibrations you can have all that you desire, quicker than you can imagine. I had conducted a 30-day program in December 2017 on Whatsapp. There were 256 participants in the group and by following my awareness daily, I posted an audio and an exercise for them. At the end of the workshop and through the overwhelming feedback I received from the participants, I realized the colossal change it had brought for each participant. This prompted me to write the book and here it is.

What are the changes you’ve seen in yourself as part of the healing method that you practice?

I have a long list. I was suffering from several health issues such as vertigo, spondylitis, cysts and borderline depression. I tried medications and physiotherapy and visited doctors for almost a year but in vain. Finally, being sick and tired of all this, I was introduced to Access Consciousness and my journey of transformation began. Within 3 weeks I overcame my vertigo, depression was gone in a month and the spondylitis and cysts disappeared sometime in between. This really intrigued me and I dived into the study of alternative ways, energy work, the law of attraction and consciousness. I have since taken the reigns of my life in my hands and co-created with the universe. I am grateful for having trained over 2000 people on subjects like “Law Of Attraction”, “De-Stress Naturally” “Staying Forever Young” “Wealth Mastery” among others. I have clients across the world, I travel, have been a TEDx speaker and published a #1Bestselling book. These are just some landmarks of transformation and possibilities once you are conscious and aware.

What do you do to de-stress or recuperate after busy schedules?

To recuperate there is not just one thing that takes my fancy. I sit by the sea and meditate, chant, strum the guitar, listen to music and sing along or have a cup of tea as I stare into space. Life is to be experienced; I go with the awareness of what would contribute to me the most at that moment.

Sounds interesting? Maybe you could try one of the workshops yourself, or read up more on what Aarti already talked about.

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