Love Your Coffee But Hate The Acid Reflux? Here’s What You Can Do

How To Avoid A Heartburn If You Are A Coffee Addict?

Love Your Coffee But Hate The Acid Reflux? Here’s What You Can Do
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There are some of us who cannot live without their coffee. The day starts with a cup, and while the rest of the world loves their food, there are some who would give up a plate of lunch easily, but take their coffee away, and they will turn into zombies.

But when the elixir to your life is coffee, it can mean a lot of acid reflux and heartburn. Coffee is naturally acidic. The organic acid contained in coffee beans is what provides the perfect kick that coffee drinkers love. It is this natural acid that is also a good antioxidant and puts the coffee on the list of healthy drinks.

But though many of us love our macchiato, there are some who are left with a heartburn or acid reflux because of this natural acid in the coffee. So, what should you do if you need a cup of coffee every hour, but don’t want the burnt innards at the end of the day?

You Can Try The Dark Roast

The darker the roast of the coffee, it has lesser potential to cause an acid reflux. Some brands offer a dark roast coffee, but what this means that during the process, a lot of aroma of the coffee is lost. So, while this is fine for those who like a light latte, it cannot be helpful for those who like a strong aromatic cup.

Eggshells And Salt Make It Better

It might come as a surprise but adding a few eggshells or a pinch of salt, after brewing your coffee can make it less acidic. Egg shells are alkaline, which works to neutralize any acid, including those in coffee beans. Using egg shells while brewing your coffee will also reduce any bitter taste that it has as a result of the brewing method you choose or the roast of the beans. Salt is typically added after the brewing to make a more rounded coffee.

Adding salt or egg shells will help you avoid an acid reflux
Adding salt or egg shells will help you avoid an acid reflux

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Adding Olive Oil Helps

Shreya Labhane, a tea and coffee connoisseur, adds a small dapple of olive oil to her coffee. You can spice up your coffee by adding a pinch of ginger powder and cinnamon powder. Some coffee drinkers blend in the olive oil, after brewing the coffee. With the other health benefits of olive oil, this does seem a good method to avoid an acid reflux if you are addicted to a cup.

So, try these approached to avoid a heartburn as you drink away your coffee every day.

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