How to know if someone is suicidal (and how to help)

Majority of suicidal are under 44 years


Of all the people you know, who seem to be normal and happy, you’d be surprised to find out just how many are suicidal. Don’t believe us? These numbers will show you the warning picture.

Alarming rise of Suicide rates in India:

India, sadly, contributes to 17 % of global suicide cases each year. A majority of them are aged under 44 years.

Indian youth are at high risk; people aged under 30 years contribute to an insanely high rate of 38% suicide.

17 percent of global suicide cases each year are in India. Also, a majority of these cases, 71% to be precise, is by those who are below the age of 44.

Our youth is also at risk. India has one of the highest suicide rates for youth aged between 15 and 29. The highest number of suicide cases in India are by those who are below 30 years, making up 37.8% of our total suicide cases.

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Signs and symptoms of suicide

Here are some of the top signs that point towards suicide.

  1. Not interested in meeting or interacting with friends and family
  2. Anxious and irritable
  3. Talking about death, self-harm and killing oneself
  4. Talking about not belonging
  5. Loss of interest in favourite activities
  6. Loss of self-confidence or feeling hopeless
  7. Dependence on alcohol or other substances
  8. Risky and impulsive behavior
  9. Severe mood changes
  10. Sudden weight loss or weight gain

How to talk to someone who is suicidal

Once you notice these signs in someone you know, it is important to take immediate action, without alarming the person. Remember that even though your intentions may be good, suddenly talking to the person can trigger the opposite effect, and make them more agitated.

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Encourage the person to talk about their feelings and listen patiently, without interfering.
  • Tell them you understand what they are going through, and do not try to be judgmental.
  • Be normal in the way you speak, and tell them these feelings can be treated with the right care, and help the person get back to regular life again.
  • Try to give them an example, suggesting you too felt something similar, but medical intervention helped feel you better.

Ask these questions right now!

If a suicidal is confiding in you, ASK THESE QUESTIONS right now to understand the seriousness of the situation.

  • How do you want to kill yourself?
  • When do you want to do it?
  • Have you already started preparing for it?
  • Will you write a suicide note or tell someone about it?

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Suicide helplines India

  • Aasra – 24×7 Helpline 91-22-27546669
  • Lifeline Foundation – +91 33 2474 4704, +91 33 2474 5886, +91 33 2474 5255
  • MAITREYI – +91-413-339999
  • ROSHNI – +91 40 7904646
  • Saath – +91 79 2630 5544, +91 79 2630 0222
  • The Samaritans Sahara – +91-22-2307 3451
  • Sumaitri – +91-011-2338 9090


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