Know Kangana Ranaut’s Fitness Secret To Stay In Shape

No, Kangana doesn't starve !

Know Kangana Ranaut's Fitness Secret To Stay In Shape
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With a lean and curvy structure, Kangana Ranaut is always the talk of town for her dedication towards fitness. The secret behind her staying in shape is her daily visit to the gym where she works out for a couple of hours.

Kangana is someone not only men go ga ga about but girls envy her for her figure. What does she do to maintain it?

As per reposts, her day begins with a fitness pack including power yoga and kickboxing. Her fitness secret lies in the choice of workouts and her diet pattern.

Kangana’s Workout Plan

Just envy the rigid shape of her body
Just envy the rigid shape of her body

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Her workout includes squats, push ups, lower back exercises, abs workout, pull ups and external obliques. Being a fitness freak, the choice of workout has greatly contributed to her body balance.

  • Monday is for strength training
  • Tuesday for stretching, hill training and kick boxing.
  • Kangana is on a break on Wednesday
  • Thursday is for abs and sprinting drills
  • Friday is for power yoga that is upto 45 minutes
  • She focuses on building stamina on Saturday
  • Once again, she is on a rest on Sunday

This fitness workout regime is the reason for shapely body

What Is Kangana’s Diet Plan Like?

Kangana's fit and curvy look due to the rich diet pattern
Kangana’s fit and curvy look due to the rich diet pattern

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Fitness is a combination of workout and intake of right nutrition. She says a NO to midday cravings.

  • The day begins with porridge
  • She carries protein shakes to consume on the go
  • Kangana prefers a simple meal including dal, salad, rice, two rotis and boiled vegetables.
  • Brown bread is her evening snack.
  • Her dinner includes soup and boiled vegetables.

No, Kangana doesn’t starve ! She just has a balanced diet of proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fat. Another factor that contributes to her body shape is her hydration therapy.

A minimum of 12 glasses of water is what keeps Kangana well hydrated. Even on the sets, she follows it dedicatedly.

Here’s A Secret:

What would she do when she craves for pizzas and quick bites? Yes, she does have them but less often.

If you are planning to make a resolution for 2019, include this regime for a healthy year ahead.

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