How To Keep Your Knees Healthy

5 easy tips for healthy knees!

How To Keep Your Knees Healthy?

You’re as old as your knees, and whether or not you are a sports freak, a racing biker, a young corporate or just someone busy in the mad rush of work, home and more, the one part of your body you really need to give some love, care and urgent attention right away is your knee.
Did you know that even the smallest injury to any part of your knee can lead to a more consistent knee pain or problem? Your knees support almost all of your body weight. As a result, the cartilage in the knee can suffer inflammation which can cause severe pain.
In some cases, you can also suffer from knee pain when there is inflammation on the bursa, which is a small sac in the front part of the knee. If not treated on time, it can lead to severe pain and more serious health issues.

5 tips for healthy knees

There are various reasons that could lead to knee pain and problems, but keeping a few simple tips in mind can help you prevent its onset.

1. Wear shoes with proper support

Sports shoes offer the best support for knees as they have the right type of cushioning to prevent excess weight on the knees. Check the soles and insoles and make sure the shoes fit you properly. While the correct fit will give you enough space at the toes, make sure your big toe does not get any pressure when you walk (as this can lead to runner’s toe and eventual knee problems).

2. Maintain ideal weight

It is no secret that the more you weigh the more pressure you will put on your knees. Losing weight is not just good for your overall health but it is also great to keep your knees in shape (all puns intended).

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3. Use supplements

While you may be trying to eat healthy, we sometimes miss out on the required amount of vitamins and minerals in our regular everyday diet. Vitamins such as vitamin C, D and K will help your bones get healthy. You can get your natural dose from foods such as spinach, cabbage, lemons and such, and speak to your doctor for supplements.

4. Exercise daily

We don’t mean you have to prepare for a marathon, but even doing simple exercises such as squats, lunges, planks, mountain climbs and step-ups can keep your knee healthy.

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5. Get enough rest

While exercising is important to keep your joints healthy, it is also important to get enough sleep each night. As you sleep, your knee will get time to heal itself from everyday wear and tear. Sometimes, you may not be able to identify the earliest signs of an injury, but taking enough rest can help control the injury and prevent it from getting worse.
Remember, you really need to keep your knees healthy, and if you need more inspiration on why, please look at the story image once more!

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