Kapha Dosha Is Not What You Think

Kapha Dosha lets you to discover the Healthy YOU!

Kapha Dosha Is Not What You Think
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Kapha Dosha sounds more like an astrological term, don’t you think? But, Kapha Dosha is totally different and is about maximizing the use of earth and water elements and incorporating them into our diet. If you ask if it is only a diet pattern, it is a plain NO as people are practicing it as a lifestyle and have reaped benefits out of it. Let us learn Kapha Dosha better now!

Kapha Dosha Balance For A Healthy Living

Kapha living is natural, healthy and keeps you energized!
Kapha living is natural, healthy and keeps you energized!

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In Ayurveda, Kapha Dosha is called the best remedy to the majority of health issues and when you miss Kapha balance, it implies that you are lacking somewhere in health.

So, how do you find out if you are on an imbalance? These are the symptoms – sluggish bowel movement, mucous, lethargic, extremely sentimental, emotional, overeating, stubborn, obese, possessive and late riser.

If you spot any of these symptoms, you need to practice Kapha better through exercise, lightening, drying, warming, de-cluttering, and stimulation. Herbs are the allies to this dosha. For example, when you consult an Ayurvedic doctor for a white coating on tongue, the practitioner advises Triphala (a herbal remedy) which is a natural detoxifier.

Tip: You can also find many Kaphas using Ayurvedic neti pot which is meant to cleanse the nasal region.

Kapha Diet Is About Making Better Choices

Eat based on what your body needs!
Eat based on what your body needs!

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Kapha pacifies bitter, pungent and astringent tastes. Here is what you can enjoy when you are on a Kapha diet – warm foods, honey, heating spices like chilli, pepper, cinnamon, warm drinks, adequate vegetables, minimal ghee/ oil, beans, and tofu.

If you are looking to practice Kapha, there are rules for healthy eating.

  • It is important to eat in a peaceful environment so your focus is on food and you eat what your body needs.
  • You need to adhere to a strict meal routine and this aligns your lifestyle.
  • After you swallow the last bite, take a deep breath and then carry on with your day. This is to ensure you enjoy food until the last bite.

There are restrictions as well in this diet. Kapha says no to sweet, salty and sour foods and it prohibits consumption of carbonated drinks, processed foods, oily foods, heavy meals, and fresh fruit within half an hour of food, also cool foods, red meat, alcohol and foods containing sugar are prohibited.

Are you now curious about following a Kapha lifestyle? You should reach an Ayurveda expert to find out what your body needs and practice accordingly!

Kapha-ing embraces nature, so it is good to try this too!

DISCLAIMER: While we have taken steps to check the accuracy of information & practices shared here; it is not a replacement for a doctor’s opinion. it is important to first always check with your own doctor before trying any medication, practice or suggestion from this site.