Is Your Food Killing Your Sex Drive?

If your sex drive has gone down, or you can’t do it for long, maybe your food is to blame

Is Your Food Killing Your Sex Drive?
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You’re doing everything right through the day, sharing an amazing rapport at work and showing off your performance, but by the time you’re in the middle of the action, getting intimate and cozy with your partner, your performance and your stamina is, well, not really up to the mark.

If you’ve been having problems in your sex life of late, such as lack of interest, not being to keep it up, or keep up at it, or anything else related to your sexual intimacy really, maybe your food has some blame to take.

Here are some ways how what you’re eating is affecting your sex life, and taking it down, literally.

You’re Putting Too Much Crap And Junk Inside You

Even if you’re not really trying to achieve the hottest body out there does not mean you can continue the binge eating and the cheat eat days and feel okay about it. The side effects could be showing up in the bedroom, much before the weight does. Eating foods high in fat or sodium and processed and junk foods can cause problems such as erectile dysfunction and can also make it difficult to hold the stamina for long.

Guys, Upping Your Caffeine Can Bring Down Your Dash

Decaf instead of caffeine could be a better choice
Decaf instead of caffeine could be a better choice

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Yes, the more caffeine you take through the day, the higher the chances that your little man will not be able to function well at night. Too much coffee interferes with blood flow to the penis, which can make it difficult for guys to get an erection, or keep at it for long.

Cut Out The Cheesy

Do you pride yourself on that wine and cheese combination you love? Are you always looking forward to the type of cheese that you’ll add in your salad or dish? If you love cheese, it’s time to let it loose a bit, especially if you’re trying to get some action in bed. Eating too many dairy products, especially cheese, can interfere with the blood flow to your sexual regions, and it also interferes with your body’s release of sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone.

If you think your lack of sex drive is actually due to some other reason, you can still give these points a thought and start working on them right now, before your sex life turns into a story of what-could-have-been.

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