Is There A Cure For Diabetes?

Well, there is no cure for diabetes, yet we will give you few tips by which it can be ‘managed.’


NO. We are sorry to be so abrupt but the truth is, as yet there is no cure for diabetes. BUT, there are ways in which it can be ‘managed.’

What does that mean? We’ll tell you.

While there is no cure to completely treat type 1 or type 2 diabetes, there are ways in which it can be put into remission, and sometimes for a long period of time. Also, bringing in small changes to your lifestyle can help to keep your condition in check. It means that, even though there is no complete cure, the symptoms and side effects can be prevented from getting worse.

Are there any natural remedies that can treat diabetes?

NO. There is no natural remedy that can cure diabetes, but there are ways that can prevent the symptoms from getting worse.
Stress can have a direct impact on your blood sugar levels, so natural remedies that can help you to feel relaxed are good. But remember, this does not mean it can cure diabetes. It only means that it may prevent your blood sugar levels from getting worse.

Lifestyle changes to ‘manage’ diabetes

Making a few changes in your lifestyle can have a positive effect on diabetes. These can help to keep the symptoms mild and may also put the diabetes into remission mode. Here are some of the things you can try.

1. Monitor your blood sugar levels daily

This is time consuming and can be difficult to do each day when you are busy. However, monitoring your blood sugar levels as often as required will let you know when you need to take preventive action.

2. Track changes in blood sugar levels and spot the reason

What you eat, the amount of sleep you get or don’t get, whether you exercise or not, stress levels and such are key factors that can have a direct bearing on your blood sugar levels. When you notice a change, jot down what you did that day. Soon you will spot the reason.

Glycemic Index Chart

3. Follow your diet

As a diabetic, there are various food restrictions you have to keep in mind. Follow them as much as possible. Remember what you can eat and what you have to avoid. Carry homemade food or keep diabetic friendly snacks with you, so that you don’t end up eating foods that you are supposed to stay away from.

4. Follow up on all doctor appointments

Diabetes can lead to other health problems and there are various medical check-ups you may have to keep a track of. Make sure to go for all your appointments with your regular doctor, dentist, ophthalmologist, and so on.


5. Home remedies to keep diabetes in check

Try the following – karela(naturally reduces blood glucose levels), cinnamon (stimulates insulin activity), fenugreek (improves tolerance of glucose), amla(loaded with vitamin C which improves blood sugar levels).

A lot of people lead happy and healthy lives with diabetes and once you start adding these simple lifestyle changes, you will see how effective the results are. Make sure to speak to your doctor to understand what all you can do to make sure your diabetes is in check and does not affect you in any other way.

DISCLAIMER: While we have taken steps to check the accuracy of information & practices shared here; it is not a replacement for a doctor’s opinion. it is important to first always check with your own doctor before trying any medication, practice or suggestion from this site.