Is The Heat Getting Your Energy Levels Low? Try These!

Changing a few habits in your daily routine can definitely help maintain your energy levels

हर रोज़ की दिनचर्या में इन चीज़ों को आज़मानें से हो सकता है फायदा

Is The Heat Getting Your Energy Levels Low? Try These!

Are the words ‘heat’ and ‘energy’ already making you feel tired and want to lower your head and rest?

Blame it on the rising temperatures, or on our overall rushed lifestyle, but it’s true that most of us seem to be suffering from a generally low level of energy these days.

But since you really can’t stay home all the time and have to do those things that need your attention, here are a few tips that can help you cope better.

1. Get Your Health Ready For The Loss Of Energy

The rising heat in summer will end up sucking your energy levels. The best way to deal with this is to get your health ready to face the same. Sleeping for six to eight hours each night can boost your immunity, which will help you fight off any health issues that could further bring down your energy.

2. Smaller Meals Are Better Than Bigger Ones

Go for smaller and less greasy meals
Go for smaller and less greasy meals

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Every time you have a large meal it will make you want to head for the bed and take a nap. Ever wondered why? When you eat heavy foods or a lot of it, your body has to work extra hard to digest it, which ends up making you feel tired. Don’t skip your meals, but break them up into smaller ones. For instance, you could start with a small portion of scrambled eggs, have fruits an hour later. Then maybe have a small serving for lunch, and have a glass of buttermilk an hour later.

3. Have Less Of Caffeine

This does not only mean your cup of coffee, but it means all those food and drink items that contain caffeine, such as candy bars, health or energy boosting water, protein bars, coffee, hot chocolate and so on. Caffeine can make you feel dehydrated, which can further bring down your energy levels and make you feel tired.

4. Get Some Sunlight

It might sound absolutely opposite of what you’re trying to do here, but spending some time in sunlight can make you more alert and make you feel more awake. Vitamin D can help ward off excessive fatigue and depression, and not getting enough sun, especially if you’re always trying to shy away from sunlight, can make you feel tired. Try and get some sun especially before it’s too hot in the day.

Your overall energy ultimately depends on your health. Being healthy and having enough energy will help you continue with your daily routine. If you feel something else works to keep you energetic, do share it here.

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