Is Papaya Helpful For Abortion?

Know the risks and reality about eating papaya for an abortion, before you do so

Is Papaya Helpful For Abortion?
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You either had sex (protected or unprotected) and are worried you may get pregnant, and the first thing that is running through your mind is getting an abortion done in a natural way so that you don’t have to inform anyone about it.

Or you just found out you’re pregnant, and need to get an abortion done quietly and really quickly.

You may have heard a lot of women talk about the dangers of eating papaya during a pregnancy, as it can potentially lead to a miscarriage, or an abortion.

But is this really true?

Can Eating A Papaya Actually Cause An Abortion?

Papaya can be either raw or ripe, and while one is really good for pregnancy, the other can cause problems for a healthy pregnancy. A ripe papaya can help the pregnancy to develop, while eating a raw papaya may lead to loss of pregnancy.

Raw papaya contains papain, which is a type of enzyme that suppresses the release of the hormone progesterone, which is very important for a healthy pregnancy. In the absence of progesterone, the endometrium will not be able to develop properly, which can make it very difficult for the foetus to grow.

It is best to speak to a doctor who can guide you best, without giving out your details
It is best to speak to a doctor who can guide you best, without giving out your details

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Eating raw papaya is considered to be very dangerous for the growth of the embryo, and may lead to miscarriage or a natural abortion. It also contains a very high amount of a substance known as latex, which is a kind of whitish and milky liquid that can cause the release of the hormones oxytocin and well as prostaglandins. When these hormones are released during pregnancy, they can lead to sudden concentrations in the uterus, which may eventually lead to a natural abortion if there is a miscarriage.

There Is No Medical Proof Yet That Eating This Will Cause A Natural Abortion

Whatever talks you may have heard about eating raw papaya to have a natural abortion at home are not backed by any scientific or medical proof. While in some cases it could lead to a loss of pregnancy, some women may actually still continue with the pregnancy, even if they eat the papaya.

If you really want to avoid a pregnancy, or know that you are pregnant and are looking for a way to quietly get an abortion done, please speak to a gynaecologist and get professional medical advice, that will not put you in any danger either.

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