How Can You Spot If Someone Is Suicidal?

These signs of a suicidal person can help you prevent a tragedy

How Can You Spot If Someone Is Suicidal?
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It’s a good thing we are finally recognizing depression and thoughts of suicide as something that needs to be talked about and needs to be addressed in the open.

The thing is – it can get really difficult to spot the signs that someone is suicidal, unless you really know what signs to look out for.

Someone who is dealing with depression may eventually start leaning towards thoughts of committing suicide. If you want to help, here is how you can spot some of the tell-tale signs that you may otherwise confuse with tiredness, aloofness and such.

The Mood Swings Are Regular

Some amount of mood swings are normal, we all go through our ups and downs. But if the person you’re worrying about seems to be going through too many cycles of mood swings, it could be a sign. Those who are suicidal often feel excessively sad, or may suddenly get irritated, angry or upset. Often, you may feel the reaction is severe, as compared to the reason.

They Don’t Want To Talk

They increasingly move into a shell
They increasingly move into a shell

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Given the amount of time we spend with people at work or otherwise, we all look for those moments of quiet. But someone with suicidal thoughts won’t want to talk to anyone, and will avoid socializing as much as possible. The withdrawal can get so severe that they may gradually even have trouble speaking to people at work, or coming out of the house.

May Become Confused And Disoriented

Sometimes, suicidal people tend to come across as suicidal or disoriented, especially if they are too upset or sad, and take more time to focus on things. This can make it difficult for them to concentrate, and may also start to reflect in their work or in their personal dealings with others.

Could Be Getting Into Self-Harm

Is this person you’re thinking of suddenly turning up with cuts and bruises? And are they trying to hide these from you, or do they come up with weird excuses for the same? If you think all this is a bunch of lies, and that they are hurting themselves, you may be right. When someone is suicidal, they can often display reckless behavior, or behave in a way that is not like them, for instance, have sex with random people, drink too much, drink and drive, get into drugs and so on.

If you suspect this person is suicidal, try and make sure he is not left alone, and talk to them about getting help. If the person is at work with you, speak to your HR about it, if nothing else works.

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