How Can You Get Rid Of Burping?

Tips to Stop Yourself from Burping

How can You get Rid of Burping?

Look, burping is technically not a big deal. It does not really classify as a medical condition either. But it is tad bit embarrassing, right? For instance, you could be on an important date or you might be at lunch with your bosses and you can’t seem to stop burping. That is going to be pretty darn awkward. How does burping really work? Basically, this happens when unwanted air is trapped in your stomach. This air is going to have to get out somehow, right? So your body mechanism forces this air out the esophagus and out your mouth. So burping to get rid of intestinal gas is a pretty helpful thing. But it isn’t always attractive.

But here are some home remedies you could try to get rid of burps for good

  • Avoid smoking. Like you needed another reason to stop smoking, right? When you smoke, you end up swallowing more air than you need to. That leads to build up of the intestinal gas, which then comes out as a burp. So if you have something important later in the day, it is always better to hold up on the smoking.
Selena Gomez burping in Wizards of Waverly Palace
Selena Gomez burping in Wizards of Waverly Palace

Image Credit: YouTube

  • When you eat, eat your food slowly. There’s no need to gulp down your food. Not only does it look unattractive, but also induces burping. When you eat large amounts of food quickly, you are swallowing excessive air which gets trapped in your body. Remember Selena Gomez’s burps in the American sitcom “Wizards of Waverly Palace”? They look gross don’t they?
  • Bubbly beverages like carbonated drinks and beer create a lot of air in the stomach that gets trapped. This air is then released in the form of a burp. So when you drink a can of coke, the weird, uncomfortable sensation caused in your tummy before your burp is due to the trapped air. So maybe the next time you’re out on a date or a lunch with someone important, you would settle for a glass of wine instead of beer.
  • Look, we all cherish our afternoon naps. There is nothing more pleasurable than a good, long nap after your meal, is there? But that’s not a very healthy lifestyle. You need to stay active. Instead of lying down after a meal, you should maybe consider a walk. That would not only prevent burping but also help in your digestion.
Dalai Lama underwent Gallbladder Stone Removal Surgery
Dalai Lama underwent Gallbladder Stone Removal Surgery

Image Credit: Wikipedia

  • This is something you must remember. Although burps aren’t harmful, and are merely a bodily phenomenon, these can be symptoms of some underlying digestive disorders like gallstones or hiatal hernia or even ulcers. In 2008, almost hundred stones were removed from Tibetan spiritual leader, Dalai Lama’s gallbladder. If you have been burping a bit too much lately, or maybe your burps seem to last longer than usual, you should pay your doctor a visit.

Burps are common, and it’s okay to burp, you don’t have to feel embarrassed about it. But they can be annoying, and you can keep these pointers in mind to get rid of them.

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