How A Furry Friend Can Actually Help Your Health?

Dogs help to keep your mind, body, and heart healthy.

How A Furry Friend Can Actually Help Your Health?
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Have you ever spent some time with a dog? Whether it is your friend’s, neighbour’s or the stray on your street? You will realise that, even if for a short time, dogs leave you happy and refreshed.

Having a furry pet at home has many benefits for your health. It is not only good for your physical health, but also for your mental and emotional health. Here are some ways in which a dog keeps you healthy.

They Keep You Fit

Dogs have a very good impact on your cardiac health. They keep the blood pressure low. In fact, studies have proven that petting a dog when you are stressed actually reduces your chances of a cardiovascular reactivity. Having a dog around and the resultant activity ensures that your oxytocin levels remain good, boosting the immune system and lowering stress. So, dogs act as stress absorbers in your life.

Dogs help you to remain physically healthy and emotionally relaxed
Dogs help you to remain physically healthy and emotionally relaxed

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Huzzanah Bannajee, a canine behaviorist and psychologist, says, “Even if you feel lazy about going to the gym, dogs make sure you get a walk. Petting a dog automatically reduces stress levels on the heart.”

They Keep You Relaxed

Dogs help to reduce any pain, anxiety or depression. Because of their unconditional love, they also boost self-esteem. And these days, when everyone is connected digitally, but alone in real life, dogs help to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness. They also help in developing your ability to form and maintain connections and relationships.

In fact, some trained dogs even help to detect cancer, seizure and other chronic conditions. So, if your dog in intuitive to these signs, then you could actually be carrying medical help around, whilst you enjoy its good company.

That is why it is good to have a pet dog by your side for a healthy life.

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