Heard Of Ultra Processed Foods?

Enjoy eating ice-creams and fries? Your health is at risk!

Heard Of Ultra Processed Foods?
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Did you know we get over 40% calories per day due to the consumption of ultra-processed foods? The yummy food list including candy, sweetened cereals, hotdogs, ice-cream, and fries are not healthy and we know that but we still indulge in them. Read more about ultra-processed foods so that you might think twice before reaching out to them next time!

What Are Ultra-Processed Foods?

The ultra-processed foods that you adore are deprived of nutrients.
The ultra-processed foods that you adore are deprived of nutrients.

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The natural foods do not undergo machinery processes and they reach you naturally. On the other hand, processed foods like cheese, bread, and tofu are altered from their natural specifications but certainly not in a detrimental manner. Perhaps, these processed foods build your nutrition levels. So, they are not bad for you!

Ultra-processed foods include chips, soft drinks, ice-cream and candy that tend to undergo three processes – extrusion, molding, and milling. During these processes, the natural ingredients are altered and there are many added ingredients to produce the taste that people might fall in love with. These manipulated foods tend to be in the list of favorite foods among the majority of the millennials.

Reasons To Avoid Ultra-Processed Foods

Unusual amounts of sugar in these foods can risk your health.
Unusual amounts of sugar in these foods can risk your health.

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Since these foods are derived from additives, preservatives and other unhealthy substances, you may have to avoid them as they are completely unhealthy. If you are not convinced with this statement, we have a pile of reasons to state.

  • Ultra-processed foods contain eight times more sugars when compared to processed foods. This can increase the risk of stroke, hypertension, and diabetes.
  • These foods have unusual levels of sodium in it which automatically increase blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.
  • The nutrients that food should possess are completely washed out. Hence, eating more of these foods can reduce the intake of fiber, minerals, and vitamins.
  • Most importantly, the saturated fats are excessively added to improve the flavor. As a result, they also increase LDL cholesterol.

Alternatives To Ultra-Processed Foods

Cook frequently and make healthy choices!
Cook frequently and make healthy choices!

Image Credit: Harvard Health

Having said that these are unhealthy, you may have to do certain lifestyle changes to get rid of them entirely.

  • Improve your food choices. Decorate your platter with vegetables that are baked or poached instead of deep fried ones.
  • Increase the frequency of cooking at home.
  • Always analyze the source of the food you purchase or eat. This can keep you informed of your health needs.

Let hype not overrule your food choices! Choose right and wise for better health!

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