Have You Heard Of Hangxiety?

You need to know this if you are a party-freak!

Have You Heard Of Hangxiety?
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January is the month when social events and parties are organized. If you are excited about party and alcohol, you probably would have heard about hangover and its impact to the mental health. Now, there is a new term in the dictionary to denote the post booze blues.

So, what is hangxiety? It is a combination of hangover and anxiety. It happens the day after you drink alcohol at a party. Just when you party to overcome social anxiety, you develop that strange habit of drinking excessively. Your body automatically gets prone to hangover and anxious about what would happen next.

Who Is More Prone To Hangxiety?

You feel that hangover headache leading to anxiety!
You feel that hangover headache leading to anxiety!

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If you ask us which population is prone to hangxiety, we would categorize into 3 segments.

The first segment is introverts who drink nonstop just to keep oneself occupied at a party. As a result, these introverts develop a sense of fear and social anxiety.

The second segment is anyone who is already a victim of alcohol use disorder. For an unknown reason, some people might drink alcohol without control. While hangover is the direct consequence, stress and anxiety develop on the next day. This will demotivate the person further.

The final segment is silent people who prefer to stay within their comfort zones and do not want to express much. Because the expressions are suppressed, it creates an agitation within brain leading to hangxiety.

Why Does It Develop?

Your answer for hangover headache is here
Your answer for hangover headache is here

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There are no specific reasons for the development of hangxiety but one can call it as a side effect post drinking. Let us tell you the top 3 reasons.

  • When the alcohol you consume creates the wrong physiological reaction affecting serotonin content, you are prone to anxiety.
  • When you feel inconvenient or unsafe or have panicked during the party, you are more likely to feel its long term consequences on the subsequent days.
  • The last reason is when you booze excessively, your body loses the tendency to accept excess alcoholic contents. Anxiety happens as the side effect.

The next time you party, keep this in mind and drink wisely.

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