Five Health Benefits Of Dates

Five Health Benefits Of Dates
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Dates are the fruit of Phoenix sylvestris or Date Palm. These fruits possess a sweet taste and are heavy and slimy in nature according to the Ayurvedic principles. Ayurveda considers dates to be Vata-Pitta Shamak (reduce Vata and Pitta dosha)

Ayurveda has already considered these fruits to be wonder-fruits and now the modern science also categorizes them under “Superfoods”. They are Sattvik (promote peace of mind) and nourish the Ojas (the essence of all dhatus). Ayurveda advises that being extremely heavy to digest; one must eat them with caution. Hence, about 2-3 dates a day is sufficient and won’t overtax the agni (digestive fire).

5 Health Benefits Of Dates

Help In Weight Gain

Dates and Ghee are a great way to put on some healthy weight

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Since dates have a lot of calories, they are used to gain healthy weight. They are best had along with ghee in cases where there is depletion of bodily tissues. They help in regeneration of the tissues leading to an increase in the body mass. Milk and dates too, is a great combination so eating about 7-8 dates followed by a glass of milk can do wonders!

Improve Semen Quality And Quantity

These nutrition rich fruits help in increasing the quality and quantity of semen and sperms. They are also effective in cases of erectile dysfunction. The combination of Dates and Ghee helps in boosting the semen and sperm quality and quantity too. Also, they are rich in Potassium which is directly related to erectile dysfunction.

Reduce Thirst

Date Refresher can taste quite delicious if made with some interesting ingredients

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Dates are a wholesome food for people suffering from extreme thirst that doesn’t get satiated even with water and other fluids. Ayurveda has mentioned a few recipes made out of dates, one of which is the Date Refresher that works like magic in extreme cases of thirst.

Cure Anemia

Being an excellent source of iron, these fruits are advised to a lot of patients of anemia. People with a tendency to have low hemoglobin can eat 3-4 dates on a daily basis to make up for the low iron. Results start showing in a couple of months.

Reduce The Ill Effects Of Alcohol

This fact about dates is not known to a lot of people. Consumption of date refresher or dates can immediately help you get rid of a hangover! Though there’s no magic potion to get rid of a hangover, dates pretty much do the job and how!

Dates have known to increase blood sugar in a lot of cases hence; people with diabetes should have them with caution. Eating 2 dates a day can be beneficial in diabetes.

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