Egg Whites vs Egg Yolks – What’s Healthier?

What has more protein egg white or egg yolk?

Egg Whites vs Egg Yolks - What’s Healthier

The debate continues – whether you choose to be on the white or the yellow side of the egg, there is always one or the other study or news piece that tells you eating the other one is better!

First we grew up eating the egg as a whole, with the whites and mister sun firmly inside it (and we did grow up well I think!).

Then came the phase where everyone started talking about how much harm we were doing ourselves by eating the egg yolk (and they were promptly taken off the menu!). Then again, just as we were conditioning ourselves to stop craving the yolk and focus on the whites instead (oh all that separating and all!), health journals started talking about how it was fine to bring back the yolk and have it as a whole again!

I know it is confusing, and just in case you haven’t really given up on eating eggs with all this egging and scrambling around (!), let’s take a look at what actually is healthy – the white or the yolk.

Here is an easy way to understand how much health you get from eating just the egg white, the egg yolk or the egg as a whole.

What has more protein egg white or egg yolk

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Egg whites or Egg yolk?

Egg whites are low in calorie and barely contain any fats, and their protein content is also higher than that of egg yolk.

However, even though egg yolks contain cholesterol, they also contain considerably higher amounts of many other very essential nutrients, such as omega 3, folate, selenium, calcium and vitamins.

Unless you are suffering from high levels of cholesterol, it is best to eat the egg as a whole, so that you get the goodness of both the egg white and the yolk and have a balanced nutrition from this healthy food source.

We would strongly recommend that you do speak to your doctor once to check your overall health and then dig into some egg-licious recipes!

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