Does Your Body Need Nootropics?

A new brain enhancer is creating news!

Does Your Body Need Nootropics?
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There have been a lot of health trends in the last few years, and there is one which has specially caught our attention; Nootropics. Can you get ‘smarter’ with drugs? Nootropics says ‘YES’. A small pill is all set to supersize your intelligence level and yes, that sounds fictional too.

Nootropics comes in the form of supplements and drugs and e-commerce giants like Amazon have also begun to stock such drugs for supplies.

Is Every Nootropic Real?

Know the trick to differentiate
Know the trick to differentiate

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Just like there is real and fake in every other thing, nootropics has natural and synthetic formats. The trick to differentiate between them is only through its impact over a period of time.

If the nootropic you consume is made from natural elements, it has limited side effects and the chance of addiction is low. If you are ever recommended with caffeine, Provigil and Adderall, never forget that they are synthetic nootropics and no longer helpful.

A Look At Popular Nootropics

Nature healing is better than these pills
Nature healing is better than these pills

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There are few nootropics that guarantee better brain function and here is the list.

  • Nuvigil and Adrafinil are recommended if you need focus and clarity
  • The world famous Nicotine is also categorized as a drug that assures better balance of mood and focus. This doesn’t mean smoking can get you smarter. Nicotine, upon prescription, has to be consumed in extremely small quantities.
  • L-theanine is a fantastic pill to enhance mental endurance and fasten the reaction time.

While there are many good aspects about nootropics, there are side effects to it. Think before you say YES to nootropics!

DISCLAIMER: While we have taken steps to check the accuracy of information & practices shared here; it is not a replacement for a doctor’s opinion. it is important to first always check with your own doctor before trying any medication, practice or suggestion from this site.