Does Homeopathy Have Side Effects?

Be careful before you begin with any medicine!

Does Homeopathy Have Side Effects?
Does Homeopathy Have Side Effects?

To start with a question is, always a puzzle to be solved!

In reference to the articles of homeopathy on this platform, it will be easy to conclude few things without being biased about any science.

A short review of Homeopathy what we know is:

  • Individualization i.e., considering the person and his symptoms rather than disease name
  • Single remedy and Minimum dose to stimulate the vital force.
  • Science that follows the Law of similia, i.e., Like cure like.

In general, Homeopathy is an alternative science which will give you relief by getting the equilibrium in your body with your own body help.

Side Effects:

The term used vaguely by everyone to remotely get into the main sufferings.

For us today, talking about side effects and its possibilities of occurrence is important of which we need to take care of. Side effects are nothing but, an unpleasant or harmful effect that is unacceptable and can be life harming as well.

What if we relate this to Newton’s third law which says, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”? So, relating it to our topic, to the action of the medicine administered; one will have a curative action as well as a possible drug reaction which can be useful or harmful or bad depending upon person to person.

Side effects are considered to be bad in most of the cases when it’s related to the drug/medicine administered. The question is ‘Does Homeopathy medicines have side effects or no?’.

A picture of Homeopathy pills
Homeopathy side effects  are not as harmful as the conventional medicines 

Basically, homeopathy medicines are prepared, following method of Potentization – a process where the homeopathy medicines are diluted to a certain extent, where the toxic effects of the crude drug are reduced and, curative power of drug is initiated; with help of shaking and agitation process called Succussion and trituration.

The methods used in Homeopathy to prepare the medicines help to relieve the patients with minimal side effects. So, Homeopathy is not an exception without side effects. Like other branches of science, even Homeopathy has side effects but, they are considered to be beneficial for the body and are termed as Medicinal aggravations.

As Homeopathy medicine is in the most potent and diluted form, they have the least possibility of suffering from side effects.

Homeopathy Medicines do have side effects – IF –

  • The medicine administered is not similar match to the symptoms, of patient i.e., not following the law of similia.
  • The dose given is not appropriate or minimal, i.e., not following the law of minimum dose of homeopathy.
  • Administration of more than 1 medicine which leaves the patient with drug interactions i.e., not following the law of single remedy.

Though it has side effects, they are not as harmful like the conventional medicines have. Due to the diluted form of medicine, minimal changes occur which can be reverted just by stimulating the immunity or withdrawal of medicine or by antidoting.

Homeopathy pills
Homeopathy pills are prepared using a method called Potentization

Withdrawal of medicines can help to revert to normal physiology of the body without leaving any organic changes in the body like the conventional medicine does.

For example, a person on Conventional medicine, antacid who is used to taking it will be left dependent on it, as the stomach lining will be habituated to the use of antacids leading to other common problems like diarrhea or constipation depending upon body reaction.

While the same in homeopathy, a person being medicated for acidity with the diluted potency, if suffers from a side effect will have either increased complaints of acidity, which are relieved as soon as the medicine is stopped or antidoted with other medicine. This will neither make the patient dependent nor lead to any other complaints.

This shows that even Homeopathy has side effects if, it is not practiced as per the law of Nature.

Any medicine of any pathy, if taken without proper knowledge or guidance, will show side effects. So be careful before you begin.

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DISCLAIMER: While we have taken steps to check the accuracy of information & practices shared here; it is not a replacement for a doctor’s opinion. it is important to first always check with your own doctor before trying any medication, practice or suggestion from this site.