Cheat Sheet For A Healthy Craving

Craving excessively for junk foods? You can easily convert it into a healthy craving and here is how.

Cheat Sheet For A Healthy Craving
Cheat Sheet For A Healthy Craving
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You take a resolution to eat healthy and then you crave for junk food and you to indulge in those unhealthy foods. Isn’t that the story of our life? Well, we can change that by developing a cheat sheet to crave healthily.

Why Do You Crave For Junk Foods?

You crave for junk over healthy foods because of the internal macronutrient combination.
You crave for junk over healthy foods because of the internal macronutrient combination.

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When you see a pack of chips or a chocolate cake or pizza, your brain automatically receives sensory signals. Right from the smell, feel and taste of food, the manufacturers focus on these factors to satisfy each crunch of a chip, or the product they manufacture. This is associated with sensation. Secondly, the macronutrient combination of junk foods, is built up in such a way that the sugar/fat/salt content excites the brain and keeps you returning for more. After a crunch, the salivary response increases and you forget to think about its health aspect.

Tips For Healthy Craving

You can easily switch your craving to a healthy way!
You can easily switch your craving to a healthy way!

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For your brain to crave for healthy foods, you need to alter your regular habits a bit. Firstly, ensure you are hydrated at all times, as this can reduce your craving for unhealthy drinks. Subsequently, stock your kitchen with healthy snacks and nuts. This is a way to naturally reduce junk food consumption.

Did you know a craving only lasts in your brain for about 10 minutes? If you are craving for a brownie, divert yourself and you automatically forget it. Eventually, view junk foods as disastrous options, and this perception is enough for you to control your craving.

If you still feel that you have not gained enough control, here is a cheat sheet.

  • When you are stressed and need chocolate, go for dark chocolate, nuts, dried fruits, and quinoa.
  • You can notice that you keep snacking on salty junk foods like chips when you are working. It actually means you are anxious and take hydrating fruits and steamed vegetables instead.
  • If you think that pasta can elevate your mood, there is a healthy option. Go for nutrient-rich foods such as wheat noodles or millet noodles.
  • Not to forget the craving for cookies! Carry protein-rich smoothies, dry fruits and potassium-rich fruits like bananas.

These simple changes can help you avoid weight gain, nutrition deficiency and other health complications in the future. Most importantly, you can crave guilt-free!

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