Can you Trust the Pulling out Method as much as a Condom?

Could you get Pregnant Using the Pulling-out Method?

Can you Trust the Pulling out Method as much as a Condom?

Our generation, that of the millennials has been dubbed as “the pull out generation.” So what does it really mean? It means that condoms are no longer the preferred mode of protection from unwanted pregnancy now. Studies have shown that the pullout method (also known as withdrawal method) is just as effective, if not better than using condoms.

This method basically requires the male to pull out before ejaculation. Sounds pretty simple and doable, right? The reason most sex educationists termed it risky is because ejaculation may not always be controlled or voluntary. Guys may testify to that. So what is the hoopla all about? Let’s take a look.

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Is the pullout method really that effective?

Look, condoms and pills have been around for ages and one doesn’t really need to talk about their effectiveness. Unless your partner’s condom breaks and your luck’s pretty darn bad, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting pregnant. But the fact remains, most women don’t really prefer condoms. Neither do men. Some claim it makes the act feel impersonal while some just “don’t seem to get the feel” with condoms on. For them, pulling out is a much more convenient method. They get the “feel”, but don’t have to face

the risks of pregnancy either

Men, let’s face it, by now most of you have mastered the art of pulling out at the nick of time perfectly. You know exactly when you’re about to come, and you pull out conveniently. The challenge is, of course, to get it right every time. Losing yourself in the heat of the moment could result in an error that could change your lives. You’ll have to
be a tad bit cautious, that’s it. If the coitus isn’t something you’d planned, chances are, you or your partner might be out of condoms. And it’s perfectly natural for neither of you wanting to waste the night away just because you might be out of condoms. In that case, the pull out method works just fine. It’s better than no protection at all.

On a more Serious Note

But, we suggest you don’t take this lightly. Unless your guy is a pro, it is better to have something like a dress rehearsal a few times while he’s wearing the condom. That’ll tell you if your guy can pull out in time or not. However, in case you want to be doubly assured, you can keep emergency contraception in store.

Statistically 15 out of 100 people who use condoms as their only birth control method will get pregnant each year; and 22 out of 100 who use pull-out method get pregnant. So the odds are nearly similar. Several couples swear by it, so why not give pull-out method a try? Just ensure the semen (sperm/cum) does not spill near your vagina.

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