Breaking The Top Five Myths About E-Cigarettes

Its time you got your e-cigarette facts right!

Breaking The Top Five Myths About E-Cigarettes

Recently, one of the major trends that has caught up is that of e-cigarettes. It was claimed that e-cigarettes were far better than ordinary cigarettes because they carried lesser risks. Vaping and e-cigarettes thus became a major hit amidst youngsters. However, like everything else, there are so many myths and misconceptions surrounding e-cigarettes that it’s almost mind-boggling to an extent. What or who are you supposed to believe? In the section below, we take five of the most common myths surrounding e-cigarettes and try to break them down one by one.

Myth 1 : E-Cigarettes Cause Popcorn Lung

Fact: This myth is in reference to the flavor that some e-cigarettes carry. This results in a kind of buttery flavor which is due to a chemical called diacetyl. Now extreme exposure to diacetyl results in brochiolitis obliterans, which can be pretty serious. However, you must know that diacetyl is banned in many countries; thus it would be impossible for e-cigarettes to have diacetyl.

Myth 2 : No One Knows What E-Cigarettes Contain

Leonardo DiCaprio is often spotted with his vape pen at several occasions
Leonardo DiCaprio is often spotted with his vape pen at several occasions

Image Credit: Pintrest

Fact: No! This is absolutely untrue! In many places around the world, there are strict regulations and rules in place when it comes to vaping and e-cigarettes. Only after they satisfy the minimum requirements of quality and safety can they be released to the public. “Some manufactures explicitly mention the chemical and natural extracts that they put in the pods. I know what I am inhaling. What I do not know is the long term impact. We will find out” says Abhiroop Bagchi, a 34 year old Account manager based in Chicago, who is a regular with e-cigarettes.

Myth 3 : E-Cigarettes Are Harmful Because They Have Nicotine

Now this is a common misconception since most people believe that tobacco causing cancer is caused by nicotine. “Nicotine doesn’t cause smoking-related diseases, such as cancers and heart disease, but it is addictive. However, there’s a common misconception that you can overdose on nicotine using e-cigarettes. But you are in no danger of poisoning yourself, nor have there been any cases of overdose from inhaling the nicotine-containing fluid that an e-cigarette vaporizes, known as e-liquid.” says Dr Andy McEwen, executive director of the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training, England and Wales.

Myth 4 : E-Cigarette Vapor Is Harmful To Others

The vapor that is emitted in e-cigarettes contains just aerosol, which is not harmful
The vapor that is emitted in e-cigarettes contains just aerosol, which is not harmful

Image Credit: Movie – Drive Hard

Now we all know about how second hand smoke is just as harmful which caused a worldwide panic some years ago resulting in bans on public smoking. However, this is slightly different in the case of e-cigarette vapor because the liquid just contains some nicotine, flavorings and propylene glycol. Remember John Cusack vaping on the e-cigarette device in the movie Drive Hard (2014)?

Myth 5 : E-Cigarettes Don’t Cause Addiction

Of course they do. Well, you should ask those who regularly smoke e-cigarettes about this, to establish the fact better. “Of course, they do. I might have quit smoking cigarettes, but the frequency of puffing the e-cig has increased tremendously.” says Bagchi.

However, it seems that people already addicted to the real cigarettes, don’t like e-cigarettes much. “People like us, who smoke regularly, have a certain taste of the real cigarettes. E-cigarettes are far from giving you that taste” says Gourab Bhuiya, a 31 year old senior executive at a BPO in Kolkata. “Tried a few times… none of the fun, a one-time investment… can be considered if you’re trying vape art though” says Ritam Chatterjee, a 22 year old process associate at a professional services firm in Kolkata.

For those who are confused due to these common myths and inaccuracies about e-cigarettes, here they go, debunked!

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