Beware! Here’s Why You Should Not Eat Leftovers

Leftover food can have a toxic overload on your body.

Beware! Here’s Why You Should Not Eat Leftovers
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You are getting late for college or work. You open the door of the refrigerator and eye the slice of pizza your roommate left last night. You quickly put it in the oven, and this forms your breakfast as you rush out. But wait for a second, you have just treated your stomach to a bacterial bonanza.

Unless you know the exact science of how long and at what temperatures refrigerated leftovers are edible, you should strictly form a habit against consuming these. And here is why?

They Contain An Overload Of Bacteria

You might be surprised to know that there are only certain food items which actually stay fresh when refrigerated. Others become spaces for bacteria and micro-organisms to grow, even in the chill of the fridge. The food is not refrigerated immediately but refrigerated after it has reached room temperature. This practice causes the micro-organisms to multiply and spoil the food.

It Can Spoil Other Things In The Fridge Too

This is called cross-contamination. Leftover food with bacteria can actually spread it to other healthier food items in the fridge. The foods that you think are stored safely get spoiled and increase your chances of unhealthy food intake.

Leftovers Are Devoid Of Nutrients

There is a reason that people value nutritious home food. Food is most healthy when warm. Once it begins to cool, it starts losing its nutrients. And this nutrition level reaches zero with leftover food. With the loss of nutrients, foods are rendered useless. Therefore, it is important that you avoid storing leftovers for a long time.

It is a good habit to finish the food that you cook or order, avoiding leftovers as much as possible
It is a good habit to finish the food that you cook or order, avoiding leftovers as much as possible

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Here are some other things to remember about refrigerating leftovers. Even if you are compelled to eat leftovers, heat them to at least 70 degrees Celsius before consuming them. All food should be stored in airtight container in the fridge if you plan to consume it later. And the wisest thing would be to cook or order enough food to consume in one meal so that there is nothing leftover to store.

It is believed by some that food we consume has an influence on who we are. And eating nutritious fresh food is necessary for holistic well-being. Hence, avoid eating leftovers as much as possible.

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