Best Apps To Talk To A Doctor On The Go

Get medical advice from real medical experts on the go!

Best Apps To Talk To A Doctor On The Go
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It is a blessing to stay at your place and chat with a doctor via an app about your symptoms and health complications without having to travel to a hospital. Healthcare industry is becoming flexible and accessible. All that you need to do is explain your case clearly.

If you are frustrated about the long queues in hospital, or don-t have the time to get to the hospital in times of emergencies, you can make use of your smartphone to get help from an expert or a doctor.

Healthtap With A Social Impact

Impressive interface of Health Tap
Impressive interface of Health Tap

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Healthtap is one app where there are over 35,000 US licensed doctors who can be approached with a question that is below 150 characters.

Suppose your question is longer, you may have to make a 99 cent donation to charity. Interesting, right?

Responses are usually given in 24 hours. Suppose you want to seek a private doctor’s advice via app, you may have to pay $9.99. This is much better than the fee you pay to consult a physician. The other advantage with this app is the predefined database that has a repository of answers for varied medical questions.

First Opinion App Will Amaze You

User friendly interface that you will fall in love with
User friendly interface that you will fall in love with

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I love First Opinion app for a simple reason that you can connect with a doctor round the clock for FREE OF COST. The response time is super fast that you can definitely wait and hear the answer.

With thousands of reliable and experienced physicians, First Opinion is truly a blessing as you can talk about any health problem and the options available to the user are amazing.

There are also options to avail prescriptions or subsequent lab tests at moderate costs.

Docs App Can Simulate The Conventional Patient-Doctor Experience

Chat with a specialist on the go
Chat with a specialist on the go

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Imagine the usual experience of going to a hospital to consult a doctor and rushing back and forth for tests! That is a tiresome experience to most of them. Docs App relieves such experiences!

It allows you to ask your health question to a doctor and get response in 30 minutes. Suppose you need a personal doctor to consult, you can pay the consultation fee and discuss about the problem.

All the diagnostic tests are performed at your home! From dermatology to psychiatry to pediatrics to acidity, this app has an answer to all.

The next time you face a problem with your health, just download the app and you have a doctor at your fingertips!

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