Ab-some Tips to Motivate You to Hit the Gym

Difficult to actually get up and hit the gym every day?


Even as I am writing this, let me confess, I missed my gym today. Reason? Well, let’s just say I was really enjoying the sleep for just one more hour, that oh-so-precious last hour that’s always the toughest to give up!
Let’s be honest – once you are inside the gym, it is easy to start working out. But what if you want to miss out each day, and look for excuses to not go and workout? If you’re thinking about joining a gym, or have recently started going for your workouts but find it hard to actually get up and hit the gym every day, we’ve got some truly inspiring thoughts that will motivate you to go, right now! Don’t believe us? Check these out :

1. That hot/cute face at the gym

If you decide to smile or say hi, make sure you practice the I-am-not-the-creep smile at home first.
Depending on your preference, scan the gym for that one hot or cute face that you feel will make you come to the gym every day, no matter what. Okay, I don’t mean you should turn into a gym stalker, but come on, there’s no harm in checking out (strictly no ogling!!!) that hot bod or that cute girl who happens to be there too, right?

(Image Source: media.indipepper)

2. Sexy pants and shoes

Pop colours are really in, like really really in!
If you are a girl, you will know the importance of those sexy stretchy gym pants that make your behind look toned and so up there. And if you are a guy, well, there’s a lot that those vests and shorts can do for you, provided you actually work out! Retail therapy can be a good motivation here too, so go out and scan those sports brands for some sexy gym outfits.

(Image Source: ae01.alicdn.com)

3. Social media

From a before-after picture series to a full-on blog series, image sharing, or 140 words about your gym day, there is so much you can do on social media to share your fitness and workout journey.
Of course you are a pro at social media socializing, so what better way to get your motivation than to start a fitness and workout journal that you can share with your friends and followers? If you have ever followed someone who shares their fitness journey online, you will see just how many positive comments are there that can truly motivate.

The ONE TIP that really works – buy a favourite dress/shirt in 1 size smaller than yours and put it up prominently in your wardrobe. You have to FIT IN.