5 Public Toilet Hacks to Make those Pee Times Safer

Tricks to survive the public toilet, when you can’t hold it any more.


Let’s face it, everyone dreads entering those public toilet stalls. Most of the time, there’s some or the other ‘surprise’ lurking behind those doors, and we don’t necessarily mean the good ones.

You may avoid using a public toilet as much as possible (even the ones at the malls are getting dirtier by the day), but there are times when you can’t hold it in any more (all puns intended). So how do you find the best tricks that can help you survive such situations? We tell you how.

1. Toilet Seat Spray – One of the easiest no-touch ways to make a public toilet seat cleaner for use.

A can of toilet seat spray can come in handy when you have to use a public toilet, be it at a restaurant, mall, movie theatre, airport, or just about anywhere. Most are travel-friendly, can easily fit in your pocket or purse, and all you have to do is shake, spray on the seat, wait for 10 seconds and do your business.

2. Locating the cleanest toilet – Coffee shops will almost always have a relatively cleaner bathroom.

When you are out on the road and need to pee, one of the safest places to head to is a café instead of a mall. While café bathrooms are generally clean, you can always ask the staff to clean it if required, and yes, also grab a quick coffee on the go.

3. Fix that broken door in the stall – Your key ring can easily help you fix that latch.

If you find a stall that has a broken latch on the door, it is probably barely used and will be relatively cleaner. Use your key ring and fix it in the latch area, and there – it can’t be opened from the outside. Once you’re done, remove the key and all’s good!

4. Use the first stall – It’s the least used, which is more reason to use it!

Did you ever notice how most people move towards the middle and last stalls in a public bathroom? This means that the first stall is used the least, and will by default be less dirty. Go for the first stall so that you are exposed to the least amount of bacteria and germs.

5. Don’t place your bag on the floor – Wear it on you instead.

We all tend to place our bags on the floor of the bathroom in the absence of a hook. Did you know that the toilet floor contains a huge amount of bacteria that can easily be carried back home, if you place your belongings down there? If there is no hook on the door, or if your bag is too heavy to be hung up, hang it on your neck, or if it is backpack, wear it in the front.

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