5 Healthy Eating Habits To Nurture The Body

Tips on how to be a wise eater


The concept of Ayurveda is that intelligent food is the one that is full of “Prana”(life), energy and strength. Eating does not mean to feed the body to sustain it; eating is an art and one must master it. Food has the power to influence our thoughts, actions and consciousness. At the same time, food can bring anger, resentment and lethargy depending on the way it is cooked, the type of food combinations and the vibrations of the person who cooks it. When you are aware of the qualities of the food you eat, you are being aware of what it is doing to your body, thus making you a conscious and wise eater.

How can you be a wise eater?


Regional eating habits can prevent allergies and nutritional deficiencies
Regional eating habits can prevent allergies and nutritional deficiencies

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Foods that grow in your region are highest in their nutritive value and are intelligent in nature. Traditionally, Indians used to consume a fair amount of Bajra, Jowar and Ragi. These foods have the right amount of nutrients required by the body. The only way we can save our future generations from hoards of allergies, nutritional deficiencies and other health problems is by reviving our love for traditional and regional foods.


The reason your body craves unhealthy and junk food is because you aren’t meeting the body’s requirements of all six tastes namely Sweet, Sour, Salty, Pungent, Bitter and Astringent. Always remember to begin your meal with something sweet and then eat the other foods one-by-one in the above mentioned order.


Foods that are cooked during the day can be eaten at night but foods cooked in the evening should be avoided at all times in the next morning. The night is Tamasik in nature and the nutrients in the food die out. Stale food increases acid secretion that in turn worsens diseases like hyperacidity, digestive disorders and other ama-related disorders.


Canned foods are devoid of life, hence best avoided.
Canned foods are devoid of life, hence best avoided.

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Freshly harvested foods i.e. fruits and vegetables are full of lively energy thus, highly nutritious. Food that has been frozen or preserved is devoid of Prana. How much prana is present in a particular food is dependent on the length of time it has been frozen. As a rule of thumb, if your food hasn’t seen sunlight in a while, it’s best to reduce your consumption of that food or eliminate it from your diet altogether.


A family that eats together sticks together
A family that eats together sticks together

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Eating nourishes our mind and body. Cooking and eating food in a healthy and harmonious environment changes the way your body accepts food and turns the food into nectar. Hence, meal times with friends and family are the most nourishing.

Eating is a sacred act of feeding the mind and body with good thoughts and energy. The love and joy that you feel while cooking will bring the lost vigour and energy and take you a long way in life!

With some wise modifications in diet and lifestyle, everyone can dream of living a disease-free life.

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