Have you tried Intuitive Eating?

It is about listening to your body needs

Have you tried Intuitive Eating?

Do your ever listen to what your body has to say? You need to learn to listen to the emotional, mental, spiritual cues of your body for food, and the act of doing so is called Intuitive Eating.

We are not talking about the temptation to eat one more slice of chips, but the facts that your body deserves the chance to be heard. If you are careful about listening to your body, you can master the art of knowing the true cravings and desire for food.

But, in order to truly listen to your body’s hunger calls, you need to build self trust first; once you trust your body’s signals, it’ll help you to understand the natural cues for hunger, fullness, craving to get amply nourished, or well rested, spur to move and all such natural calls. So more than treating your body as an enemy, you must befriend it.

So here are some steps that can help transform your relationship with food, mind and body to make you an intuitive eater.

Accept and love yourself

No matter what your natural body type, shape and size are; it is your inherent personality. You must learn to accept it. You need to stop being driven by constant yearning to diet so that you can alter your basic intrinsic shape.

Occasional indulgence is cool

Intuitive eating is also about not giving into perceptions, such as an unhealthy meal, snacking or one day of poor diet will cause a lot of harm. It is what you eat routinely over time that matters the most. So stay firm on your goals and make progress and don’t worry about occasional indulgence.

Listen to body’s signals

This is perhaps the most vital principles of intuitive eating. We do so much harm when we ignore our body’s needs. The fundamental of eating that is aeon old is – eating when we are hungry and stopping when we are full. Eating slowly while being aware let’s your body know it’s full and ready to stop.

Eat better

The concept of farm-to-folk is very much relevant to our food chain and eating habits. It is important to know the nutritional and energetic quality of your food. Higher the quality of food, higher is the energy and nourishment that reaches your mind, body and soul.

Respect your body’s cycles

If you aim to lose weight, you should eat greater part of your calories during the first two meals of the day – that are breakfast and lunch. Eating voraciously for supper is a deadly recipe for weight gain, a super slothful day, and poor sleep patterns. Following this rhythm increases the metabolism and you end up burning more calories.