Top 7 Dosas With A Difference

Have you tried the pizza dosa yet?

Top 7 Dosas With A Difference

For the movie Chef, Saif Ali Khan invented the Rotza, an Indianised pizza made with our humble roti! Rotza is basically pizza made with roti. While the pizza has been tweaked to suit India palates, the dosa is getting more westernized and continental! Here are some unique varieties of dosa you should try, why? ‘coz it’s different!

Avocado Dosa

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This one’s for the health conscious. Made with a filling of onions and avocado, it can be enjoyed with chutney and piping hot sambar. A must for all avocado fans.

Spring Roll Dosa

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This one is more like Jackie Chan meets Rajnikanth kind of dosa! A Chinese take on a South Indian staple. The batter used to make it is the regular batter, it’s the filling that is the same as the filling of a spring roll. Tastes even better with hot and sour sauce instead of the regular chutney.

Chowmein Dosa

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Another India – China Bhai Bhai blend, the chowmein dosa is filled with noodles. Not one of my favourites but it’s really popular all over India.

Chilli Paneer Dosa

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For those who are conscious about their daily dose of protein, this is a yummy alternative. Filled with chilly paneer, instead of the regular masala. This dosa is sure to make you go nom-nom.

Pizza Dosa

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This is the kind of dosa that has a serious Italian hangover! The pizza dosa gives a new meaning to the thin crust pizza. Usually served as an open dosa, it is filled with cheesy pizza toppings.

Chocolate Dosa

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The chocolate dosa is a dosa base smeared with hot gooey chocolate. Don’t feel guilty, just indulge! You won’t regret this one.

Mewa Dosa

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A rich variation of the sweet dosa, this is filled with tutti fruity and dry fruits pure desi ghee is used instead of butter. Looks like a treat that you should try this Diwali.

Have you tried any other kind of unique dosa? Do write and tell us if you have.