Things That You Probably Didn’t Know About Chef Marco Pierre White

The lesser known secrets as told to Hot Friday Talks by the world famous Michelin Star Chef himself!

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At an age where most are still figuring out what they want to do in life, Chef Marco Pierre White had already launched his first restaurant! His restaurant in London called Harvey’s was also named the restaurant of the year the very year it was opened and has won three Michelin stars. By the time Chef Marco was 33, he had won three Michelin stars and at 38 he even returned the Michelin stars!

Celebrity chef and restaurateur Marco Pierre White is a legend in the culinary world but as intimidating as he may seem, Chef Marco is one of the sweetest and most down to earth and simple person I’ve come across and it was a pleasure and honor to interview him. Did you know that this world famous Chef does not own a smartphone and has never ever owned one! He pulls out an old phone from his pocket to proudly show it to us. That’s not all, he’s never used the fax or emailed anyone!

On his first visit to India recently for the biggest food fest; World On A Plate Season 4, Chef Marco said that his experience in India has been a very emotional one and that India has given him more than he has given.He also praised our Indian cuisine and said that he felt like a Maharaja when he ordered the Indian breakfast at the hotel.He smiled like a little child and said, “I asked for the Indian breakfast and I was delivered a feast! I felt like a Maharaja.” He loved the classical Indian food the most and said that classical cuisine will always be appreciated as it gives an insight into past generations.

He might be known as the godfather of modern cooking, but by the end of the day it’s the simple food that gives him the much needed comfort and joy. Chef Marco’s comfort food is nothing fancy but egg sandwich. “ When I am tired I usually never eat. I came from very humble beginnings and for me comfort food is two fried eggs seasoned correctly and placed inside sliced white bread with lots of butter,” adds the Michelin star Chef.

Chef Marco tells us that he loves Indian spices and among his most favorite Indian spice is saffron. “There are so many delicious Indian spices. If I had to choose my favorite it would be saffron but when I am cooking fish then it’s cinnamon and I also like cardamom. So it’s actually difficult to choose one favorite,” he adds.

When it comes to cooking or being a chef today, he feels that the focus is more on presentation rather than eating. He feels that food is all about generosity and that should reflect on the plate. As far as being a great chef is concerned, Chef Marco says, “There are three things that make a great chef, one is they need to always respect mother nature, secondly they need to remember that everything they do is an extension of themselves and three they need to give an insight of the world they were born into. Great cooks always respect the classics and the world they come from and they always give a little piece of themselves.”

Chef Marco Pierre White has not only given a piece of himself in the food that he so lovingly cooks but has also inspired millions of youngsters across the world to become professional chefs.