Table Etiquette Around The World

Never make the mistake of asking for Parmesan for your pizza while in Italy

Table Etiquettes Around The World

Growing up in a boarding school run by Irish nuns, we were constantly told how to sit at the table and how not to put our elbows on the table, chew our food slowly and not talk with our mouth full, to say the grace before eating, etc. By the time we finished school, these manners were engrained in us. However different cultures around the world have different rules for table manners.While eating with our right hand is a done thing in our country, it might not be considered good or polite in another. We’ve put together a list of table manners followed in some countries around the world. It’s also always wise to know the basic table etiquette before visiting another country


The people in Thailand do not use a fork to eat rice. Forks are mainly used to push the food into a spoon or eat non-rice-based food


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In China, belching after eating is considered as a compliment! If you haven’t made a mess around your table while eating then it means you didn’t enjoy the food. Also leaving a little food on your plate is appreciated as it shows that you have been well fed.


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You’re having a meal in Afghanistan and you’ve dropped bread on the floor? Fikar not! Just pick it up, kiss it and eat it! Guests must not eat too much unless the hosts coax them to eat more. Also, a host who coaxes his/her guests is considered a good host. It is a tradition for the host to ask the guest if they want more food, at least three times and the guest is expected to refuse at least three times too!


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Russia is the place for any vodka lover to be in, here vodka is always drunk neat, anything added to it is considered as making the vodka impure. Offering someone a drink is a sign of friendship and trust and never turn it down because the Russians will get offended.


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Bread in France is used as a spoon to scoop up food from the plate. It’s also placed directly on the table just like any other cutlery like a spoon, knife or fork. Bread is eaten with the meal and not as an appetizer.


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Never make the mistake of asking for Parmesan for your pizza while in Italy, adding Parmesan on pizza is said to be considered as a culinary sin in Italy.


Do you always reach late for a meeting or a get-together? Then that’s the best way to be when you are invited for a meal in Canada. It is socially acceptable to show up late for a lunch or dinner in Canada and showing up on time or early is not acceptable!


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In Egypt, you might just get some angry glares if you refill your glass yourself. It is customary for someone else to fill your glass for you. Likewise, you are expected to fill the glass for your neighbor at the table.


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In Chile, it’s a big no-no to touch any food with your hands. They use cutlery to eat any meal served. I wonder what they’d say if they saw us enjoying our bhaat and dal with our haath!