Setting up a barbecue on terrace garden? Here’s a simple guide and must have

A DIY guide to set up a perfect BBQ at home


While the rest of the world likes to do their BBQs outdoors during the summer, we Indians, (especially the ones who live in the warmer regions of India) have no choice but wait for it to get cooler so we can have a BBQ. Lighting up a BBQ during the summer heat, we’ll probably end up roasting ourselves! Also unlike the smaller towns or cities abroad, people living in the cities in India don’t have enough open spaces for the BBQs. The best option is to have a BBQ either on your balcony or terrace.

For all those who are new to the whole concept of BBQ or don’t know how to set up one on their balconies or terrace, here’s the how and what to set up a perfect BBQ.


The first thing to do is to choose the right kind of BBQ grill as per your need. While the open type of grills is good enough for cooking/ grilling jacket potatoes, veg or meat kebabs, sausages, burger patties etc.For the stuff that takes longer to cook like spare ribs, or whole herbed chicken etc then a covered grill is a great idea. If you want absolutely no fire then the electric BBQ grills are available too. But it’s not the same fun as the real thing. If none of these sophisticated grills are available or you suddenly decide to have a BBQ, then all you need are a few bricks and a wire mesh to create your own makeshift BBQ grill or just buy one of those aluminum or brass hawan kunds and convert it into a charcoal grill with a wire mesh on top to use as a grate! ( We Indians love to do jugaad don’t we?)


Lighting up the fire for the BBQ is the next step. If you are lucky enough to be living in an independent bungalow, then too much smoke is not a problem as no one’s going to complain about it but if you happen to live in an apartment, chances are the fire alarm may start buzzing and create a panic in the building. So the best thing to use is the smokeless coals that are easily available everywhere these days. Though wood chunks would give that wonderful smokey flavor to your grills.

Grilling Tools That Are Essential For A BBQ

Though there is a whole list of things that one can buy for a BBQ, we’ve listed just the basic stuff that one actually needs.

Long-Handled Spatula

Long Handled Spatula

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One of the most necessary grilling tools is a long-handled spatula. A metal or a silicon spatula is the best. The long handle makes it easy to slip the spatula under food with ease.

Grill Brush

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This is essential to keep the grill rack clean. It is used to brush and keep the grates clean. It’s better to use the brass-bristle grill brushes rather than steel bristles, which can damage the enamel finish of some grates.

Long-handled basting brush

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The basting brush is for applying sauce or even oil when the meat or any other grill is almost done. A heat-resistant silicone bristles one is perfect.

Smaller Essentials/ Must Have Handy

Aluminum foil
Aluminum foil is needed for stuff like fish and smaller foodstuff like vegetables. To avoid them from falling through the grate these can be wrapped in aluminum foil and grilled.

Fire extinguisher
This is a must keep handy for any kind of mishaps since you are dealing with fire.

Tips And Tricks For A Perfect BBQ

Avoid using a fork to flip your vegetables or meat during turning, instead use a tong or spatula. That way you avoid losing juices. Also for best results limit the lips to once during grilling. Pressing down on the meat or burger patties might squeeze the juices.

It’s a great idea to toss herbs directly onto the charcoal while you’re grilling
if you want to infuse grilled foods with herb essence.

Save the basting for last so that the sauce or marinade do not caramelize.

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