Revealed: Secret Diets Of Celebrities That You Too Can Follow

Food secret right from Bollywood celebrity’s platters that’ll make you want to change your food habits.

Revealed: Secret Diets Of Celebrities That You Too Can Follow

I was always under the impression that celebrities had a special diet, filled with these exotic dishes, secret ingredients and special stuff that keep their body so fit and toned. But it turns out that they like simple platters that aren’t so mysterious after all. Check for yourself:-

Salman Khan

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He stays away from junk food and loves pure natural foods like meats, vegetables, and fruits. He says, “The last thing I would do is feed my body unhealthy food and synthesized food.” He prefers clean sources of protein that include: chicken, egg whites, and fish. Sugar and processed food is a strict no-no. Salads and pulses replenish his body’s carbohydrate demands and he believes in working out with an emphasis on eating well.”

Priyanka Chopra

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Priyanka says that just by skipping junk food and going on a diet doesn’t give you the figure you want. You need a lot of exercise and some lifestyle changes. Like a typical Punjabi kudi, she loves her food and she prefers ‘Ghar ka Khana’. She loves to munch on a pepperoni pizza and an aloo Parantha from time to time. She has a regular meal of chapati, vegetables, soups, salads, rice, dal and lots of fruits. Juices and water take a higher place in her intake list.

Katrina Kaif

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Her energy booster is broccolis, yes you heard that right. The enviable shape, fit body, and day-in-day-out energy levels are all because of her love for a great diet. She never believed in size 0 mentality or eating less. All she likes is healthy, scrumptious and energy boosting food. Katrina’s favorite food also includes spicy Pakodas, pizzas, and fish.

Shilpa Shetty

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The sexy girl of Bollywood and now a mother seems to be getting even more radiant and healthy year after year. She keeps her calorie intake of 2,000 per day, yet eats non-vegetarian food every day except Thursday. Her Breakfast includes normal tea, protein shake, two dates and eight black raisins. For lunch she eats one multigrain Roti with butter, vegetables cooked in refined oil, chicken, and Dal. She likes to keep her dinner light and prefers lettuce salad with pomegranate or apple.

Aishwarya Rai

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She has always managed to look gorgeous even after being a mother. We love Ash and she loves her healthy lifestyle which she follows religiously. Lots of fruits and vegetables are the secret behind her beautiful skin and body. Lots of water throughout the day keeps her body hydrated. Of course, exercises go hand-in-hand with her diet to give her that graceful figure even with such a hectic lifestyle.