Maggi in Different Avatars

There is so much one can make with this humble 2-minute noodles


There have been numerous debates on Maggi, it’s been banned and made a comeback again (Aren’t we all glad about that!). All of us have to admit that we grew up loving this 2-minute wonder of a snack especially on cold winter evenings and during the wet monsoons. It’s a much loved after school snack that we all looked forward to when we got home from school. All of us have some good memories linked to Maggi. But did you know that there is so much one can make with this humble 2-minute noodles? Read on for the different avatars of Maggi:

Maggi Omelette

(Image credits: betterbutter)

Add the Maggi twist to your usual everyday omelet. All you need to do is boil the magi with the tastemaker and let it absorb all the water, make an omelet and stuff the omelet with the cooked Maggi.

Maggi Masala Tikki

(Image credits: oneworldnews)

This is an interesting twist to aloo tikki. Adding Maggi to the usual mixture of aloo tikki can make it lip-smacking! Use either leftover magi or simply cook some for 2 minutes and mix it with the aloo tikki mixture, roll the tikkis in bread crumbs and deep fry them.

Maggi Macaroni and Cheese Style

(Image credits: scenebanao)

Who doesn’t love macaroni and cheese? All man and cheese fans are sure to love the magi version of mac and cheese too. Cook Maggi as instructed in the packet, pour into a well greased baking dish. Sprinkle generously with grated cheese, sprinkle some herbs for flavor, put it to bake in an oven. Ta- daa! Maggi Mac n Cheese is ready

Maggi Spring Rolls

(Image credits: couponraja)

Want to impress your mom when she pays you a surprise visit, just tell her “Mummy sirf 2 minutes!” Boil the Maggi as instructed on the packet with the tastemaker provided. Add some veggies and spring onions use that as your filler for the spring rolls and fry.

Maggi Pakoras

(Image credits: anandabazar)

This quick and easy Maggi pakora is addictive especially on a rainy day.All you need to do is boil only the noodles minus the tastemaker, take more than half of the boiled noodles and mix them with veggies, a little salt and the tastemaker, and gram flour batter. Take small amounts of the mix and form into small balls coat the balls with the remaining boiled noodles and fry them.

So you see Maggi avatars mein hai taste bhi aur health…….ummm…Who cares! Just enjoy it!