Everything You Need To Know About Butter, Margarine And Dalda

A Few Facts and Details about Butter, Margarine and Dalda

Everything you need to know about Butter, Margarine and Dalda

We all work hard to earn our bread and butter. In fact, we Indian, love our saturated fats with almost every dish, raw or cooked. Butter and Ghee, are staples you will surely find them in every Indian kitchen.

Katrina preferred Butter/Margarine in Namaste London
Katrina preferred Butter/Margarine in Namaste London

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Katrina Kaif in Namaste London, if you remember, was more of a margarine/butter person than a dalda/ghee person. Well, we all have our own preferences. Here is everything you need to know about butter, margarine and dalda.

What exactly is the difference between butter, margarine and dalda?

While used for similar purposes these are actually very different products. The principle distinguishing characteristic can be derived from what they are made from, and the types of fats they contain.

“Utterly Butterly Delicious”

Butter is Yummy in itself
Butter is Yummy in itself

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All of us love the Amul butter Commercials since our tender age don’t we? Butter is a diary product that can be obtained by churning cream or milk itself. This tedious procedure segregates the butterfat from the buttermilk. The butter easily available is obtained from cow’s milk, although it can be variously derived from sheep, yak, goat or buffalo. There are different kinds of butter available in the supermarket- pasteurized or sweet cream butter, raw butter, whipped butter which is less dense. The fat content differs according to the type and sometimes the brand you choose to buy.

Margarine: The Alternate for Butter

Margarine makes for a Great Bread Spread
Margarine makes for a Great Bread Spread

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Margarine, by contrast is a non-dairy product which can largely be utilized as a substitute for butter. Although it does not taste as good as butter, it’s a good option for people with high cholesterol levels. Initially it was made from animal fats, but the current scenario suggests the primary constituent to be vegetable oil, emulsifiers, salt and water. Some also include milk. Unlike butter, margarine cannot be made at home, but like butter, regular margarine mandatorily should contain 80% fat by law. Anything less is arguably not margarine or just a “spread”. It is comparatively healthier as it lacks the cholesterol and saturated fat that butter contains and is high on polysaturated and monosaturated fats.

Dalda and its Age Old Indian Connection

The Very Smell of Ghee makes us Hungry
The Very Smell of Ghee makes us Hungry

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Dalda or vanaspati ghee is basically hydrogenated vegetable oil that is largely made available in South Asia. Coconut oil and ghee would be the common cooking medium in traditional Indian households back then and were expensive. Dalda was first introduced by the Dutch traders. It is cheap but is high on Trans fat which isn’t healthy at all. It increases the risk of cholesterol and subsequently heart attacks. Obesity is a common Indian story now, thanks to dalda. Although it is a great alternative to ghee or oil for deep fried food items but learn to say a big NO to dalda because it is toxic for your health.

What is healthier?

Honestly? Apples and tomatoes and lots of green. They will keep you going at all time. But anyone who has tasted all of these knows the difference. The types of fats contained give them the texture and taste and also nutrition. It’s safer to go by the recipe if you are planning on substituting one for the other.

Piggy Chops loves Buttered Paranthas
Piggy Chops loves Buttered Paranthas

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If you want to know which is healthier your safest bet would be to consume whichever you want in small, healthy amounts. Yes, even veteran actor Akshay Kumar and the diva Priyanka Chopra, love paranthas which have ghee and butter spread in generous amounts!

We know how tempting these spreads can be. And we also understand how difficult it can be to choose or rather avoid. But do yourself a favor and go easy on these. You don’t want to spend your life fearing heart attacks do you? Besides, who says you can only apply these on your bread? How about that leftover andatarka / kadhai chicken or Alooparantha?

Do you know of more fascinating facts about any of these? Comment below and share them with pour readers!

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