How Ganne ka Juice became the new cool millennial drink

Sugar cane juice gets re-incarnated into a posh, new health drink. Here’s why you should have a glassful every summer day


Remember ganne ka ras being sold from roadside shanties while we were growing up? For me, it was a common summer sight to see the dusty Delhi roads getting lined up for summer with make shift shacks selling sugarcane juice out of big machines in tall glass tumblers. And truth be told, even though the drink tasted like nectar straight from the heavens above, my mom would always reprimand me from having it as she was wary about the cleanliness. So, this summer, when I took home a neatly packaged bottle of cool looking sugarcane juice, it was both a moment of nostalgia and surprise for us. While I found my lost summer love in a cool, new avatar, it was heartening to also know that the humble summer drink of yesteryears also packs in a volley of benefits. Perhaps that is the reason why some new-age cafes and spas have been stocking sugar cane juice in their menus, neatly placed alongside margaritas and fancy pina colada. As the millennial generation goes inwards discovering our own traditional bounty of food and health practices it was about time that a gem like ganne ka juice was re-incarnated. Next only to the summer staple coconut juice, here are a few benefits of sugarcane juice that ideally makes it the ‘it’ drink of the moment.

Weight loss wonder drink

Chef Priyam Chatterjee of the cool eatery Qla in Delhi begins his mornings with a bottle of sugarcane juice

As the first sip of sugarcane juice sends you in a sweet tizzy, it is difficult to believe that this sweet treat can help you in weight loss. But diet experts say that sugarcane contains natural sugars and can help manage your body weight. In fact, according to Ayurveda, sugarcane juice helps the body replenish itself of the lost nutrients and is therefore suggested in certain health conditions such as jaundice. It is also a diuretic and helps in the smooth functioning of the kidneys. So, remember a sound bowel system is the key to a fit body.

Great skin, great hair tonic

The juice extracted out of a sugarcane is loaded with antioxidants – the cool new discovery of the health conscious. So, instead of loading your diets with antioxidant supplement s just believe in the goodness of this golden juice. It boosts your body immunity and in fact saves you from many summer diseases during the season. It is rich in minerals and not only gives you healthier skin and hair but also stronger teeth.

Bye bye summer dehydration

One glass of ganna juice can give you your required dosage of iron, calcium, magnesium and electrolytes. When our ancestors thought of sugarcane juice as a great summer alternative there was indeed a science involved. It’s low glycemic index also makes it an ideal drink for diabetics. It also replenishes the body within minutes and helps counter sapped energies – a common summer problem.

The new energy drink

Forget the fizzy, artificially flavoured synthetic juices and say hello to sugarcane juice as an after workout-drink or a healthy evening snack. It is loaded with good carbohydrates, proteins, potassium and other nutrients that make it an ideal choice of an energy drink. So, go ahead bring in this new cool drink and stock up your refrigerators. I am doing it, pronto!