Here’s What You Can Expect In A Kathiawadi Thali

Have you tried these delectable Kathiawadi dishes?

Kathiawadi Thali

Getting intimidated by the size of this thali is quite natural. Look at the size and then the uncanny names of these dishes that are hard to pronounce. Well, the sumptuous taste of this Kathiawadi thali overpowers all fears and becomes very inviting.

This mouth drooling thali is certainly going to kill all your diet goals as you can’t escape but taste these aromatic dishes. Unlike Gujarati thali which has a tinge of sweetness to all its dishes, Kathiawadi dishes are more savory and spicy. Let’s check on some amazing recipes that this thali includes.

Nylon Dhokla – A Quicker Version Of Khaman Dhokla

Nylon Dhokla
Super Spongy Dhokla is a must

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Nylon dhokla is an instant version of Khaman dhokla made with besan and rawa. Green chutney is must to serve it with and some green chilies to add some spice delectable taste to it.

Sev Tamata Nu Shaak – It Is The Wholesome Tomato Curry

Sev Tamata nu Shaak (Tomato Curry)
Delicious Tomato curry or sabji to tang up your taste buds

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As mentioned above, the names of the Kathiawadi dishes are quite hard to pronounce and it is going to be tricky. Sev Tamata Nu Shaak is spicy and tangy tomato curry topped with crispy sev.

Bajra Roti – The Flatbread Made From Millet Flour

Bajra Roti
Go gluten free, go healhty

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Bajra roti is flatbread made of millet flour. Bajra, as commonly known is the Hindi word for pearl millet which is relished in the entire Kathiawadi region. Bajra roti is a healthier version of basic wheat roti as it is gluten-free and healthy.

Methi Thepla – A Delicious Snack That Goes Well With Tea

Methi Thepla
Nutrient rich healthy bread to much upon

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Methi thepla are appetizing flatbreads made from fresh fenugreek leaves, whole wheat flour, and gram flour. Also, it can be savored at any time of the day. Methi thepla is wholesome while also being very light and healthy making it a great tea snack.

Kathiawadi Stuffed Onion – Enriched With Flavors Of Garlic And Red Chillies

Kathiawadi stuffed onion
Crispy and spicy round onions to treat your taste buds

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While it also part of the Gujarat cuisines, the Kathiyawadi version is pretty hot and spicy. Stuffed onions sound interesting and are savoring when tasted. It is a spicy dish of Kathiawad with the flavor of garlic and red chilies dominating most of its recipes.

Dal Dhokli – Made With Thick Wheat Flour Noodles In A Pigeon Pea Stew

Dal Dhokli
Who says toor Dal is boring?

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It is a traditional Kathiawadi one pot meal dish made by simmering wheat flour dumplings in Gujarati toor dal. A boring toor dal made interesting and tasty by adding spices and dumplings.

Kathiyawadi Akha Adad – The Popular Whole Black Gram Curry

Kathiawadi Akha Adad (Whole black gram curry)
Traditional Kali Peeli Dal made spicy and tasty

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Kathiyawadi people love to eat this dal on wintery days, particularly on Saturday’s. It goes great with rotla or millet bread. Made with split black gram and split Bengal gram is a traditional dal cooked on slow cooker after adding flavors and spices to it.

Other major dishes included in Kathiwadi thali are lassi, rasawala dhokla and batata nu shaak(potato curry sabji). The temperature in winter dips too low in Kathiawad which explains the use of spices, onions, and garlic in all its dishes that help them keep up with the lowering mercury.

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