Have You Heard Of The Pink Ruby Chocolate?

It has has little or none of the characteristic flavour associated with cocoa

A Berrylicious Chocolate!
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Who doesn’t like a luscious, creamy and perfect chocolate bar? Indulgent, decadent, attractive and simply delicious, chocolate is something we all love. We all are well-versed with the three types of chocolate-the super sweet white chocolate, the silky milk chocolate, and the bitter dark chocolate. We all have our own preferences when it comes to chocolates, the ones with a sweet tooth prefer the white chocolate, the most common in India is the milk chocolate, and the most unique and perhaps least liked is the bitter dark chocolate. But what if I were to tell you that there is a new type of chocolate which has been recently introduced? It isn’t brown, it doesn’t have a characteristic cocoa flavor, its rather a perfect blend of fruitiness and creaminess. It’s a pink chocolate, also called the Ruby chocolate.

All the fruity goodness now with chocolate!
All the fruity goodness now with chocolate!

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When Was The Ruby Chocolate Born?

Ruby chocolate was introduced in September 2017, by the giant chocolate manufacturer, Berry Callebaut. The natural pink hue and unconventional flavor of the Ruby cocoa beans made it very attractive to the eye of the public. The Ruby cocoa beans give the chocolate its eye-catching pink colour. They aren’t a new type of cacao, rather come from the same species of cacao plant which we use to make the chocolate we already know. However, the flavour of the Ruby chocolate is said to be very distinct, and has little to none of the characteristic flavour associated with cocoa. It is said to be ‘sweet and sour’ and have a berry-like flavour, with little or no link to the usual cocoa we know. This ‘4th type of chocolate’ is fruity, creamy and smooth. Its something we can never think of!

The chocolate of love?
The chocolate of love?

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How Soon Can We Eat This Lovely Chocolate?

Though the description of the flavours, colour and texture of the Ruby chocolate make our mouths water, it’s pretty long before we can purchase it easily from the market. Ruby chocolate is a new product, and its market availability is pretty low. The price is pretty high, and it is not easily available in all countries yet. Currently, a Ruby Chocolate Bar that weighs just 41.5G costs 4.90 dollars, i.e. Rs 350!

We can’t wait to satisfy our palettes with this unique flavour of chocolate!