#FoodAddas of Delhi

‘Dilwalon Ka Dilli’, the food capital of India


It’s not just the capital of our country, but also undoubtedly the food capital of India. In Delhi, one is spoilt with the choice of food available at every nook and corner of the city. There is food to fit every kind of pocket and to please every kind of palate. The people of Delhi just love their food. Here’s our pick of 5 dishes that only a ‘Delhiwala’ is aware of:

1. Ram Ladoo:

There is no evidence that Lord Ram patronised this ladoo, nor is their evidence that this was his favourite food, so how and why the dish is named so, is still a mystery. But what we do know is that this is something one must try in Delhi. Made of moong dal, these deep fried balls are served in a bowl made of leaves, with pudina and mango chutney and garnished with grated radish and batter coated deep fried chillies. Ram Ladoo vendors can be found at Central Market and Janpat.
Cost per plate: Between 25 – 30 INR

(Image Source: youtube)

2. Tandoori Momos:

North Indians and Tandoori food are synonymous. They have even ‘tandoorised’ the Tibetan momos. Though Tandoori Momos have become famous all over Delhi, the one served at Hunger Strike in Lajpat Market is where most of the crowd is. The momos are tossed in redchilles and yogurt and grilled in the tandoor. Garnished with chopped onions and coriander and served with spicy mint chutney.

Cost per plate: INR 130

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3. Ganesh Pakodewala’s Fish Fry:

Prem Singh, the owner of Ganesh Pakodewala, at Karol Baugh is very famous for his unique skill of frying fish in hot oil, with his bare hands. They serve other items like seekh kabab, chicken tikka etc. but it’s the fish fry and fish pakora that people come back for.

Cost per 250gms: INR 325

(Image Source: Youtube)

4. Banta:

The Banta or the Pop Soda is something I relate to with Delhi. A favourite beverage, during the limited pocket money days, while studying in Delhi. The Banta is not sold in any other part of the country, except maybe at exhibitions or food festivals. It’s a carbonated variation of the lemonade, mixed with crushed ice, black salt and chaat masala. The fun part is the soda bottle, whose mouth is sealed with a round marble. And.. Nope, Banta, from the Santa and Banta fame has nothing to do with the drink! But it’s quite likely that’s where he got his name from.

Cost per bottle: Between 15 to 30 INR

5. Stuffed Kulfi:

Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfiwale, located at Chawri Bazaar, is a landmark in Delhi. Who knows kulfi better than the Kuremal family who has been making kulfi since 1908! Hey make over 50 varieties of kulfi but they are famous for the stuffed kulfis. The stuffed kulfis are made with fruits and a filling of plain or rabri kulfi. My personal favourite is the Stuffed Mango Kulfi.

Cost for 2 people: Approx. 200 INR

(Image Source: youtube)