Five Of The Best College Canteens In India

Iconic places in India’s youth culture

Five Of The Best College Canteens In India

Looking back at your college days, ever wondered what is it that first comes to your mind? Is it those boring long lectures? That staid look on your professors’ faces? Or is it those endless hours you spent with your college gang in those modest looking canteens where you bonded over comfort food and built once-in-a-lifetime memories?

In an increasingly nostalgic manner, the fact remains that a college canteen always holds a special place in our hearts. No matter how many fancy restaurants we may have visited later in life or no matter the seven course gourmet meals we would have tried in exotic locations, there is something inherently romantic about that greasy vada pav or that lemon banta we may have enjoyed in our alma mater canteens years ago.

If you are in a mood for some canteen hopping then here are 5 of the best college canteens across India. From their ambience to the grub they serve, they enjoy no less than iconic places in India’s youth culture.

Hansraj College Canteen, Delhi University

Students from across the North Campus in DU swear by grilled sandwich at Hansraj College
Students from across the North Campus in DU swear by grilled sandwich at Hansraj College

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Known for its chocolate frappe and grilled sandwich, the Hansraj College canteen in Delhi University is known for its clean (well, comparative to college canteen standards) and yummy comfort food. The simpleton place can seat over a 100 people and is the ideal adda for those university style long idle chat sessions. Thew fact that none other than Shah Rukh Khan who was the alma mater once would have enjoyed the same grub on those rickety benches also adds a fair bit of romance to the place.

Christ University, Hosur, Bangalore

The food served at the Christ University in Bangalore is a foodie’s paradise. I mean where else in a college canteen can you choose from a selection of Chinese, North Indian, South Indian, a bakery serving fresh pastries, ice creams, juices and much more. There are many food courts across the campus for that perfect fare.

Mithibai College, Mumbai

Vada pavs at Mithibai are almost legendary

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Anyone who has studied in Mumbai has to be familiar with those greasy vada pavs that are never too many to stuff your mouth with. Served with a generous serving of tomato ketchup, sev and that typical Mumbaiya spice.

St Xavier’s College Canteen, Mumbai

A place for that true blue Mumbaiya vibes

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The Xavierites call their canteen, the foyer which sounds very propah and posh. But once you are inside the canteen you realize that it is the sort of place where you would roll up your sleeves and just hog on Sada Dosa, BMS pav and Frankie. Period.

Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University

Known amongst the university students as a place for intellectual conversations over chai, chai and mutton cutlet. DSE canteen is a cool, quaint place amongst the hustle bustle of campus life where you can just relax and see the world pass by as you sip on masala coke.

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