Diet Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

Liquid fasting, lab meat, mushroom day are all those you are likely to hear in 2019 about diets.

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Paleo and Keto are the diets that we probably are aware of. Diet patterns are constantly changing. Certain diets have perhaps proved that we can still exist by consuming such limited foods. This new year choose the best diet that will fit your health. Here are 5 diet trends to look out for this 2019.

Vegan Diet Is Trending

Vegan diet is for those who are conscious and compassionate about animals and the planet besides health

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Caption Plant based diet to rock the world

Vegans all over the world have made  people conscious about environment and animals such that vegan food choices are available in abundance. What is even interesting is the lab grown meat that is out for supply shortly. Popular stars like Beyonce have also vouched for this diet pattern. You should adopt this form if you are conscious and compassionate about animals and planet.

Heard Of Intermittent Fasting?

The ratio between eating hours and fasting hours varies

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This is one kind of diet where there is no restriction on what you should eat but the restriction is on when to eat. The ratio between eating hours and fasting hours varies. But, you cannot call this a diet but a fasting plan as you fast and eat what you want at the right time. This method is actually considered very effective and safe.

Mushroom Diet To Replace Majority Of Your Foods

This diet is said to cure diabetes, inflammation, cancer etc.

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It is surprising to know that medicinal mushrooms are going to rule the global market. While lot of researches are already happening on mushrooms, many products such as smoothie, detox tea, main dishes have evolved with the medicinal mushrooms like Reishi, Cordyceps as the base. Health experts have also begun to suggest this diet form because they are found to cure diabetes, inflammation, cancer and what not.

Celery Juice Diet As The Mandatory Morning Drink

Celery juice is healthy and tasty

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The celery we love in out salads and sandwich is gaining popularity with the diet conscious. Herbologists suggest celery juice diet due to its rich fiber content and low sugar level. Loaded with minerals, celery juice helps you fight inflammation and eases digestion. This  juice is become the most loved with the health conscious this year.

Choose the diet that suits you and stay healthy this year!