Did You Know That You Could Use Tea To Cook Different Dishes Too?

Happy International Tea Day!


We really don’t need a reason to drink tea do we? Being born and raised in a place that grows the world’s best tea, I can drink tea anytime of the day and I am sure there are many like me who love their brewed tea. But what if I told you that you can eat your tea too? Yes the woodsy taste of tea can add wonders to most of the dishes. While green tea ice cream is quite popular these days, there are many other ways of adding tea to our daily cooking!

Tea Can Be Used As A Marinade

Tea is also a great tenderizer for meats

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Yes, that’s true! You can actually marinade your favorite meat in tea. Strong-brewed black tea is great for marinating meat. Marinate the meat overnight before roasting or grilling it. Tea is also a great tenderizer for meats.That’s not all, tea can also be used as a smoking agent for smoking fish and meat, just add a bit of green or black tea leaves to some uncooked rice to make a great smelling smoking agent.Tea Smoked Duck is very famous in China.

Powdered tea leaves added to buttery cookies is heaven!

You can eat your tea along with the cookies!

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This one is for all those who love cookies with tea. You can eat your tea along with the cookies! All you need is some roasted dark tea like the aromatic oolong which is ground into a fine powder. Sprinkle a generous amount of this powder on your cookie dough before baking or just mix it with the dough.

Have you heard of cocktail made with tea?

Tea cocktails give a whole new meaning to tea time!

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From White Rose Tea Martini to Earl Grey-infused cocktails, tea is great even in cocktails. Yes these tea cocktails give a whole new meaning to tea time! Tea is almost like herbs so it goes very well with most cocktails. But the one cocktail every tea lover must try is the one made with high mountain oolong leaves in gin. The oolong leaves are steeped in gin for a couple weeks to give a smooth buttery cocktail.

Tea powder can also be sprinkled over your cakes, desserts, ice creams and salads! You can even steep tea in any cooking liquids like broth to add a little flavour. Basically, we can say that you can drink your tea and eat it too!

Happy International Tea Day to all the tea lovers!