5 Reasons why doughnuts are perfect for any occasion

No reason, no reason for doughnuts!


It’s Cream Filled Doughnut Day today, a day to celebrate a food everyone loves, the Doughnut! But do we really need any occasion or reason to eat doughnuts? Even if there were no reasons I’d probably make up some or invent an occasion just for an excuse to eat doughnuts. In Iron Man 2, the armored hero too went for doughnuts after a night of partying and hangover didn’t her? This sinfully delicious, perfectly fried soft, sugar glazed treat can tempt you and how! Here are some reasons why doughnuts are perfect for any occasion

1 They look scrumptiously colorful

These delicious treats not only taste great but are very pleasing to look at. They come in all shapes and sizes and is a great way to celebrate and appreciate differences. I don’t know about you but the sight of those colorful doughnuts always makes me happy, especially when I’ve had a rough day.

2.They help you connect with your inner child

Whenever you feel the need to connect with that inner child of yours, reaching out for a box of doughnuts will help you do just that. There’s a strange connection between beautiful sweet childhood memories and this sweet treat!

3. Perfect to bond with your date

Doughnuts are the perfect treat to share with someone you love. It’s a great way to bond over a shared doughnut and get closer to your significant other.

4. Inexpensive and loved by all

Need to visit a friend or don’t know what to take to a lunch you’re invited to? Doughnuts can never go wrong, it’s different and unique from the same old wine bottle that everyone carries to lunch or dinner. Doughnuts not only make a great gift but are inexpensive too.

(Image credits:Pixabay )

5. Easily available anywhere in the world

With so many doughnut outlets all across the world, it’s easy to find doughnut shops anywhere in the world. This easy availability also makes them popular for any occasion.

What you waiting for go binge on some cream filled doughnuts today!