Brave enough to try these super weird flavor combinations?

Some weirdest flavor combinations ever!


We all have our own guilty but weird pleasures. Anything ranging from butter chicken with mayonnaise to khichdi with ketchup to nachos with nutella, we love experimenting with our homely flavours and enjoying them, or sometimes despising them. But here are some super weird flavor combinations which may make your mouth water or your mind go ‘eww’.

French fries and ice cream: Salty and sweet

French fries with chocolate or strawberry?

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The yellow, fried potato crisps are perhaps the most addictive fast food dish ever! Served with burgers, and enjoyed with some ketchup, mayonnaise or chilli sauce, French fries are something everyone loves. And ice cream? Well, that’s another thing we all love. Creamy, cold, smooth and flavoursome, ice creams are everyone’s favourite. Would you be bold enough to dip your favourite salty French fries in the delectable chocolate ice cream? Try and see how that tastes!

Sriracha and peanut butter: The spicy and buttery goodness

Love both? Try them together!

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The spicy sriracha sauce, which is a favourite for so many chilli lovers, is usually eaten with momos, or salads or even in the form of a mayo with sandwiches. A peanut butter sandwich for breakfast is perfect for many sweet lovers. But what is these two are combined? Ever wondered how it would taste? Well, the combination should taste pretty good as the sriracha would cut through the buttery goodness of the peanut butter and make it overall lighter. So, sriracha and peanut butter sandwich for breakfast tomorrow?

Chicken and coca cola: Unbelievable but true

Dear chicken, coca cola tuu

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A soft and succulent chicken dish for any chicken lover is a bang on meal. And a glass of coke would just add that extra goodness to the whole meal. But how about trying these two together? Coca cola and chicken together sounds totally bizarre! Boiling the chicken in some coke with ketchup, barbecue sauce and honey makes a delicious curry, or so it seems! Try it out yourself!

These bizarre flavor combinations are fascinating and interesting! To be honest, they really attract me! How about you?