Artsy Cafes In Kolkatta If Your SO Is An Art Lover

If your SO has a thing for quaint, artsy places, these cafes will work the magic

Artsy Cafes In Kolkatta If Your SO Is An Art Lover
Image Credit: Tripadvisor

Kolkata is much more than just ‘puchkas’ and ‘rasgullas’. The city that has produced some of the greatest musicians and authors is full of the old world charm.

If you have a liking for quaint, artsy places, Kolkata has a lot to offer. The city boasts of some of the most interesting cafes offering a wide variety of coffee and bakery products.

Take a look at these beautiful cafes in Kolkata:

Sienna Cafe

An artistic entrance to Sienna Cafe
An artistic entrance to Sienna Cafe

Image Credit: Curly Tales

Sienna cafe is one of the busiest places in Hindustan Park. A reputed joint in the town, the ambiance is often regarded as the best. The specialty of this cafe is also providing food that is healthy yet lip smacking.

Interestingly, everything they serve is homemade, including the bread. Hot chocolate along with heart shaped marshmallows is a winter favourite here.

The cafe is also eco-friendly and serves all their food in bio-degradable material. The aluminium straws too are a conscious choice so as to ban any kind of plastic use.

Wabi Sabi

Beautiful interiors of Wabi Sabi cafe
Beautiful interiors of Wabi Sabi cafe

Image Credit: Trip Advisor

Wabi Sabi is a cafe and a lifestyle boutique located at Southern Avenue in Kolkata. The unique name Wabi Sabi has been inspired from Japanese tradition. The main idea of this cafe is to encourage people to spend more quality time.

The boutique showcases handicrafts from fabrics to jewellery. The cafe organizes open mic sessions and also has an entire section full of books for avid readers.

Their food menu is unique and even has gluten-free options. Also being only vegetarian, it serves some great dishes.

Abar Baithak

Exciting interiors of Abar Baithak
Exciting interiors of Abar Baithak

Image Credit: Whatshot

Abar Baithak is a cafe that’s all things Bengali. The Satyajit Ray novel themed cafe is a fun hang out place as it has a lot to offer. From Feluda books to read and carrom to play, the chilled out vibe of this cafe is hard to find anywhere else.

The place serves interesting desserts including chocolate Tiramisu, caramel custard and lots of other options.

Mrs. Magpie

A click of Mrs. Magpie's magical ambiance
A click of Mrs. Magpie’s magical ambiance

Image Credit: Our Delicious Discovery

This is literally the cutest little cafe you’ll find in Kolkata. The interiors are adorable pink and almost transport you to a fairy-tale.

It is the perfect place to catch up with your girlfriends for a cup of coffee and amazing cupcakes. The marshmallow and praline cupcake are one of their bestsellers.

Located at Southern Avenue, this place is like a real-life dollhouse. The most Instagram friendly place you’ll visit.

What’s Up Cafe

An aerial view of the rooftop cafe
An aerial view of the rooftop cafe

Image Credit: Zomato

Southern Avenue’s famed lounge cum cafe, What’s Up is an interestingly distinct hangout spot. The area is divided into three separate spaces. One is an open-air section rooftop, indoors is an English style designed pub and also a modern lounge that has foot massagers and low-seating.

The food is majorly continental. The cafe also hosts live music performances occasionally.

Try these unique cafes in Kolkata the next time you visit the land of Rabindra Sangeet and Macher Jhol.