13 reasons why you should keep vodka handy at home

Vodka as a saviour in disguise


Do you know why Yo Yo Honey Singh promotes the vodka and says “ Chaar bottle vodka, kaam mera roz ka.” Well we do, vodka is a wonder liquid, everyone is aware about how it makes you see and do wonderful stuff after you’ve gulped a few shots of it, but did you know vodka is useful in so many other ways too? Here’s a list of how vodka can be used other than drinking:

1. You bathed yourself in perfume?

You overdid on the perfume and smell like you’ve just walked out of a perfume factory? No worries, all you need to do is dab a little bit of vodka on the spots you applied the perfume. Just like vodka sometimes knocks you out, it will do the same to the scent.

2. Get nasty streaks off your mirrors

All you need is a water spray bottle and a mixture of water and vodka to get those stubborn marks and streaks off your mirror. Spray a little of the mixture and wipe it off with old newspaper of cloth. Same mixture can be used for your windows too.

3. Kill bacteria and odour from clothes

Unflavoured vodka works like magic to get that musty smell, bacteria  and germs off  the clothes that haven’t seen the sun since a long time.  Just two ounces of vodka is all you need along with some water, a few drops of any essential  oil and a table spoon of vinegar. Mix them all together go spray happy.

4. Refresh your furniture

The same mixture can be used to refresh your couch or any other furniture with fabric that can’t be washed.

5. Keep flowers in the flower vase fresh

A spoonful of sugar and a splash of vodka  in the vase along with water will keep your flowers fresh for longer.

6. Pull off Band – Aid without effort

Vodka helps you to pull off band aid painlessly and easily. Just dabbing  a little vodka on the sides of the Band- Aid will do the trick.

7. Fight away the poison of poison ivy

Accidentally touched poison ivy? Don’t panic, wash away the poisonous urushiol oil 9that causes the itching and swelling) with vodka. Just rinse the affected area with vodka and get instant relief.

8. Get rid of dandruff

Washing your hair with a mixture of half a cup of vodka and two teaspoons of rosemary  soaked for 2 days  will rid your hair of dandruff.

9. Get those sticky labels off

Want to reuse your glass bottles but can’t get rid of the sticky labels on them? Just soak the bottle in vodka.

10. Stubborn Stains

The strong solvent effect of vodka makes it a very handy stain remover. You can use either the cheap or the expensive one too but unflavoured is better.

11. Clean dirty Chrome fixtures in the bathroom

Vodka can be used to remove all the stubborn grime off your chrome bathroom fixtures.

12. Kill pesky insects

Tired of those  blood sucking insects? Equally tired of repellents with deet? Grab the vodka, pour it into a spray bottle and kill them insects.

13. Keep your sunglasses sparkling clean

Use a few drops of vodka and a soft cloth to clean your sunglasses.

(PICTURE CREDIT : pixabay.com, giphy.com)