World Environment Day 2019 – Air Pollution And Art!

If Art is about creation, Pollution is all about destruction.

World Environment Day 2019 - Air Pollution And Art!
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World Environment Day 2019 is being hosted by China, with a theme of “Air Pollution”.

“We can’t stop breathing, but we can do something about the quality of air that we breathe.”

The environmental emergency in terms of alarming rise of Air pollution in the world is distressing. But, what’s even more distressing is that people fail to recognize or acknowledge this. Actually doing something about can only be the next step, first people need to realize the danger. But, we have become too ignorant to understand.

People identify art as the ideal form of creation. Art is all about creating something new. And in the process of such creation as well as in the end result, a lot of people are embraced with positive vibes. So, look at this list and try to acknowledge what Air Pollution has done to some of the best art works of India. Looking at the epitome of creation and the flag bearer of destruction parallelly might make you ponder! Or so we wish!

India Gate Is Practically Choking

92 per cent of people worldwide do not breathe clean air.
92 per cent of people worldwide do not breathe clean air.

Image Credit: India Today

India Gate, a monument that literally carries the name of our country is under unprecedented pollution attack. A place where people love to hang out becomes a place filled with poisonous gases during winter. India Gate, a monument that is supposed to be a standing proof of India’s valor and bravery is today a standing as a proof of the country’s alarming state of air pollution! You can either choose Art or Pollution. Choose wisely!

Golden Temple Is Not So Golden Anymore

Oh how have we cherished the bright golden shine of the Golden Temple! How emotionally are we connected to the place and its artistic constructions! Aren’t we? But are we, really? Because, what are we really doing while the rampant pollution from vehicles and industrial emissions are simply robbing the Golden Temple of its shine and luster? If the discoloration of the pride of Amritsar and in fact the whole of India doesn’t move you, what will?

Taj Mahal – The Air Pollution WONDER

Wonderful? Really?
Wonderful? Really?

Image Credit: REUTERS – Saumya Khandelwal

One of the Seven Wonders of the World who? Taj Mahal? I don’t think so! The pride of India! The monument that is synonymous to Indian Architectural brilliance! The one monument everyone in the world visits India for! Yes, this historic and wonderful monument is today the most prominent victim of air pollution in India and the world. India’s “wonderful” monument and its celebrated white marble façade are gradually turning yellowish because of rampant air pollution and the consequent acid rains.

Now tell us, are you just going to wait and watch all your country’s art get destroyed or do something? The choice is yours. And you are already late in making it!